Mireia Gibert Biography: Paula Badosa Mother

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Meet Mireia Gibert, the mother of Paula Badosa: In the realm of professional tennis, Paula Badosa shines as a Spanish athlete who, at her peak, achieved the coveted singles world No.2 ranking by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)

This article delves into the remarkable journey of Paula Badosa, her triumphs on the court, and the influential figure behind her success, Mireia Gibert.

Paula Badosa’s Tennis Triumphs

WTA Tour Success

Paula Badosa’s prowess on the tennis court is underscored by her impressive record, boasting three WTA Tour singles titles.

Her meteoric rise reached its zenith at the 2021 French Open, where she showcased her skills and determination, reaching the quarterfinals and etching her name in the annals of tennis history.

Mireia Gibert: Paula Badosa Mother

Early Life and Modeling Career

Behind every successful athlete stands a pillar of support, and for Paula Badosa, that pillar is her mother, Mireia Gibert. Born in Spain, Mireia embarked on a career in modeling in her early days, gracing the covers of prominent fashion magazines in the 90s.

Balancing Motherhood and Career

While working for a parenting magazine, Mireia Gibert posed with her daughter Paula, a heartwarming snapshot of their bond. Even at just six months old, Paula’s connection with tennis was apparent, laying the foundation for her future success.

Introduction to Tennis

Mireia Gibert’s role as a tennis enthusiast became pivotal when she introduced seven-year-old Paula to the sport. The journey commenced at the Club Tennis d’Aro in Spain, where Paula’s skills were honed under the watchful guidance of her mother.

This early introduction set the stage for Paula’s trajectory toward becoming a successful tennis player.

Unwavering Support

Mireia Gibert remains a steadfast presence on the sidelines, cheering her daughter through intense matches. Badosa attributes much of her success, both personally and professionally, to the unwavering support and guidance provided by her mother.

Mireia Gibert Biography: Paula Badosa Mother

Mireia Gibert: Beyond Tennis

Professional Ventures

Mireia Gibert’s multifaceted career extends beyond the tennis court. With a background in the fashion and art industry, she collaborated with high-profile celebrities and models in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Notably, she played a role in an art documentary showcasing the renowned 111 First Street Art Centre in New Jersey.

Family Ties

As a mother of two daughters, Paula and Jana Badosa, Mireia Gibert exemplifies the delicate balance between family and professional pursuits.

Her enduring marriage to Josep Badosa adds another layer to the narrative, showcasing the stability that has contributed to Paula’s flourishing career.

Collaborations and Connections

Mireia’s involvement in a photo shoot with the Williams sisters before Paula’s professional tennis career began underscores the interconnected world of sports, fashion, and art. These collaborations showcase Mireia’s versatility and her influence on Paula’s journey.


In conclusion, the story of Paula Badosa and the influence of her mother, Mireia Gibert, is a tale of talent, determination, and unwavering support.

From the early days of modeling to the pinnacle of the tennis world, Mireia’s impact on Paula’s life and career is immeasurable.

As Paula continues to make strides in the tennis arena, the influence of Mireia Gibert remains a driving force behind her success.

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