Meet Okpara Munachi a Supporting Actor in Dark October movie directed by Toka McBaror and produced by Linda ikeja. He is currently studying in the university of Lagos state, Nigeria.

Okpara Munachi Biography

Okpara Munachi, also known as “Big L”, is a Nigerian actor who is excited to make his debut in the movie “Dark October”. He loves to entertain people and uses his creativity to make music and design clothes.

Okpara Munachii Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Parents, Movie

When he is not doing these things, he looks for other ways to express his creativity. Munachi is currently a sociology student at the University of Lagos. He is grateful to his mother for supporting him on his journey and allowing him to showcase his talent to the world.

As a supporting actor in “Dark October”, Munachi will bring his talent and passion to the film, and it will be excited to entertain his audiences. Not much is known on his biography, but we promise to update this page as soon as we get more information about him.

Okpara Munachi is also a singer and song writer, but not much is known about him. He has over 3k followers on his Instagram account, he is very talented in singing and also in acting movies.

Okpara Munachii Biography and Net Worth

Social Media Handle

  • Instagram:
  • Twitter: @munachii_s0

Net Worth

He is expected to be worth not less than $3k. We recently made a post on the full biography and net worth of Kem Ajieh Ikechukwu, he is a Nigerian actor and also a model.

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