Who Is Bashir Ahmad, Biography

Bashir Ahmad Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Tribe, State, Salary, Occupation, Wikipedia, Marriage

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He was the former and youngest media assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, in addition to being a journalist. Bashir is from Kano State, Nigeria.

Who Is Bashir Ahmad, Biography

Mrs. Laurreta Onochie, the social media assistant of President Muhammadu Buhari, is a close friend of Bashir Ahmad. Mrs. Onochie frequently refers to Bashir as “my son.” He is an author as well.

While Bashir was in elementary school, he penned the Hausa novel Usmaniyya, which was published in 2003 by Yaron Mallam Publishing Company.


Who Is Bashir Ahmad, Biography And Net Worth

Bashir Ahmad Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Bashir Ahmad
Date Of Birth:10th June, 1991
Age:31 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin:Kano State, Nigeria
Wife:Naeema (M. 2020)
Net Worth:$200k >
Place of Birth:Kano State, Nigeria

Bashir Ahmad Biography

Bashir Ahmad is a Nigerian writer and journalist who is currently President Muhammadu Buhari’s special assistant for new media. He attended Bayero University in Kano and received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication in 2013.

How old Is Bashir Ahmad

The personal assistant to president Muhammadu Buhari is currently at th age of 31 years old, he was born on 10th of June, 1991 in Kano State, Nigeria.

Bashir Ahmad Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Tribe, State, Salary, Occupation, Wikipedia, Marriage

Bashir Ahmad Wife

The New Media Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, got married in Katsina. Bashir got married to Naeemah after Jumat prayer at the GRA Juma’at Mosque in Katsina. Friends and family of Basheer Ahmad were there to see the short ceremony.


Before becoming the president’s personal assistant, he worked as a journalist. From 2012 until 2014, Bashir Ahmad worked as an online editor and writer at Rariya Media Services LTD.

The former Minister of FCT Abuja, Dr. Aliyu Modibbo, owns the Hausa weekly publication Rariya Media. In the same year 2014, Bashir Ahmad was appointed director of social media for the Sam4Nigeria Campaign Organization.

Appointment As Personal Assistant For News Media

the presidential campaign organization of Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, a 2015 APC presidential candidate. After President Muhammadu Buhari won the 2015 general election, Bashir Ahmad was appointed the President’s Personal Assistant for News Media.

The wedding of Bashir Ahmad and Naeemah took place on September 25, 2020. Excitedly announcing his marriage to Naeemah, he posted on Twitter.

Worked With Muryar Arewa

Ahmad also freelanced as a correspondent for the monthly Hausa publication Muryar Arewa while engaged at Rariya. Bashir Ahmad joined Leadership Newspapers in 2015 as an online assistant editor.

Bashir Ahmad Biography And Net Worth, Age, Wife, Tribe, State, Salary, Occupation, Wikipedia, Marriage

Special Assistant On Digital Communications

Bashir Ahmad, who used to be the president’s personal assistant on new media, is now the president’s special assistant on digital communications. This is a promotion for Ahmad.

Boss Mustapha, who is the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, was said to have confirmed the appointment in a letter to Ahmad on July 20, 2022.

The letter was addressed to Ahmad and said that the appointment was official. In the letter, which NAN saw in Abuja on Sunday, Mustapha said that his new job would start on July 19, 2022.

Quitting His Job

Ahmad quit his job as Personal Assistant to the President because the president told all politicians who wanted to run for office to resign. At the All Progressives Congress primary for the Gaya, Ajingi, Albasu Federal Constituency, the media adviser to the president didn’t get the party’s nomination.

Ahmad didn’t like how the party’s primary was run and said there was a lot of fraud going on. According to NAN, the president’s social media handler is thought to be the only presidential aide who has been “recalled” since the APC primaries.

All of the cabinet ministers and presidential aides have been replaced by the president, except for Ahmad, who quit to run for the APC nomination but didn’t win.

Some people who talked to NAN about the promotion of the media aide to the position of Special Assistant said that Ahmad had done a good job with social media as Personal Assistant before he quit.

Who Is Bashir Ahmad, Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth

His net north is estimated to be more than $200k.


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