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Yael Yuzon, a Filipino musician, is widely recognized as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the popular band Sponge Cola. Throughout his career, he has achieved significant success, including:

  1. Collaborating with Gosh Dilay on the song “Tambay,” which earned a Diamond record award for selling over 150,000 copies.
  2. Guiding Sponge Cola to mainstream recognition after signing with Sony BMG Records and later Universal Records.
  3. Releasing numerous albums and EPs with Sponge Cola, such as “Palabas,” “Transit,” “Ultrablessed,” and more.
  4. Showcasing adaptability in musical style with the self-titled EP released in 2003, leading to increased shows and exposure for the band.

These accomplishments underscore Yael Yuzon’s prominence in the Filipino music industry.

Who Is Yael Yuzon?

In the heart of Manila, Philippines, on November 22, 1983, a musical prodigy, Ysmael “Yael” Yrastorza Yuzon, was born.

Today, at the age of 40, he stands as a prominent figure, notably recognized as the vocalist and guitarist of the acclaimed band Sponge Cola.


Yael Yuzon, of Basque origin, traces his roots back to Gipuzkoa, Spain, where his grandfather hailed from. This Filipino musician embarked on his journey to musical stardom, co-founding the band Sponge Cola in 1998 alongside Gosh Dilay.

The name “Sponge Cola” emerged as a fusion, adding “cola” to distinguish from an existing Detroit grunge band named Sponge. The band’s self-titled EP in 2003 marked the beginning of Yuzon’s rise to fame, earning him numerous accolades and awards.

Early Life and Education

Born to Elsa, a retired flight attendant, and Johnny, a retired accountant, Yael Yuzon’s early life was marked by a passion for music.

Graduating from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, he combined academic prowess with his musical ambitions.

Personal Life

In 2014, Yael Yuzon took a significant step in his personal life by tying the knot with singer-actress Karylle.

Their love story, initially shrouded in rumors, blossomed into a beautiful journey, culminating in a heartfelt ceremony at the San Antonio de Padua Church in Silang, Cavite, on March 21, 2014.

As of 2024, the couple does not have children, but their bond continues to inspire many.

Parents and Siblings

Yuzon’s family tapestry includes an elder brother, Yan Yuzon, known for his contributions to the bands Pupil and Archipelago, and a younger sister named Ysabel.

The Yuzon family’s rich heritage extends to their Basque roots, creating a cultural mosaic that adds depth to Yael’s identity.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

As of 2024, Yael Yuzon’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, showcasing the financial success he has achieved through his illustrious career as a rock musician.

However, various sources suggest a range between $1 million and $5 million, emphasizing the dynamic nature of his achievements.


Yael Yuzon’s remarkable career traces back to 1998 when fate brought him together with Gosh Dilay at Ateneo High School. Both involved in the theater club, Teatro Baguntao, they felt the spark to create music.

Yuzon, already leading the rock band White Chapel, joined forces with Dilay and two others, forming the band “Sponge.” However, a twist led them to add “cola,” resulting in the birth of “Sponge Cola.”

This marked the beginning of Yuzon’s rise to fame and the band’s success, earning recognition through various competitions.

Evolution of Sponge Cola

In subsequent years, Yuzon and Dilay remained in Sponge Cola, evolving with new members Chris Cantada and Armo Armovit.

Yuzon’s reputation as the lead vocalist garnered awards, especially after the release of their self-titled EP in 2003, featuring hits like “Saturn,” “Cigarette,” and “Jeepney.”

The EP showcased Yuzon’s vocal versatility, seamlessly transitioning from mellow to a more intense tone. Their growing popularity led to more shows and nationwide exposure.

Breakthrough and Mainstream Success

Yuzon’s artistic prowess extended beyond the band, as seen in his portrayal of Eli in the 2014 horror film “Shake, Rattle & Roll XV.”

Additionally, his rendition of Madonna’s “Crazy for You” became an underground internet sensation, propelling the band into mainstream opportunities.

Signing with Sony BMG Records Philippines for their debut album marked a turning point, and they are currently under Universal Records.

Notable Achievements

One of Yuzon’s notable achievements includes co-writing “Tambay” with Dilay, earning the song a Diamond record award with over 150,000 copies sold.

The band’s discography includes albums like “Palabas,” “Transit,” and “Ultrablessed,” showcasing their musical evolution over the years.

Collaborations and Legacy

Sponge Cola’s impact extends to various collaborations and contributions to OPM. With albums like “Super Size Rock” and “Ultraelectromagneticjam: The Music of The Eraserheads,” they solidified their place in the OPM scene.

Present and Future

Currently, the band continues its journey with the latest album “Classic” in 2022, reflecting their enduring legacy in the Philippine music industry.

Yael Yuzon remains a central figure in the band’s success, contributing to their ongoing resonance with audiences nationwide.

Background Informations

NameYsmael “Yael” Yrastorza Yuzon
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1983
Age (as of 2024)40
Place of BirthManila, Philippines
OriginBasque (Gipuzkoa, Spain)
EducationAteneo de Manila University, BA in English Literature
Years Active2002–present
Spouse (wife)Karylle (married in 2014)
Children (as of 2024)None Yet
GenresAlternative rock, pop rock
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, keyboards
LabelsUniversal Records
Member ofSponge Cola
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)
Net Worth (as of 2024)Estimated $1 million
Yael Yuzon Biography

In Conclusion

In the realm of Filipino music, Yael Yuzon stands as a beacon of talent and resilience. From his early days at Ateneo High School to the heights of musical acclaim with Sponge Cola, his journey is one of inspiration.

As we delve into the life of this musical maestro, we witness the harmony of passion, family, and success, encapsulating the essence of Yael Yuzon’s remarkable biography.

Yael Yuzon Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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