Who Is Ahn Bo-hyun Girlfriend? Meet Jisoo, Ahn Bo-hyun’s Girlfriend

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Ahn Bo-hyun’s Girlfriend Revealed: Meet Jisoo – Blackpink’s Sensational Star – Curious about Ahn Bo-hyun’s girlfriend? Learn all about her – Jisoo, the talented and beautiful member of K-pop sensation Blackpink. Get to know their relationship and Jisoo’s remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry.

Meet Ahn Bo-hyun, a talented South Korean actor, model, and television personality born on May 16, 1988. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Ahn Bo-hyun’s early life, career achievements, and notable roles.

With an impressive acting career that began in 2014, he has gained recognition through various films and television dramas, reaching new heights of success with his breakthrough role in “Itaewon Class” (2020).

Biography of Ahn Bo-hyun

Ahn Bo-hyun hails from Busan, South Korea, where he was born and raised. He attended Busan Sports High School, showcasing his sporting prowess through participation in amateur boxing competitions, where he even secured a gold medal.

Modeling Debut and Transition to Acting

Ahn’s journey into the entertainment industry began in 2007 as a model, displaying his charm and versatility on various platforms. However, his true passion lay in acting, which led him to venture into the world of television and film.

Acting Career: From Supporting Roles to Stardom

In 2014, Ahn Bo-hyun made his acting debut and took on supporting roles in several television dramas and movies. His hard work and dedication soon paid off, earning him recognition for his performances.

“Itaewon Class”: A Turning Point

In 2020, Ahn’s career took a significant turn with his role as the villainous character Jang Geun-won in the widely popular drama “Itaewon Class.” His exceptional portrayal of the character garnered widespread acclaim and marked a breakthrough moment in his acting journey.

Continuing Success and Acclaim

Following the success of “Itaewon Class,” Ahn Bo-hyun continued to rise in prominence, securing lead roles in prominent productions. Notably, he showcased his talent in the Netflix series “My Name” (2021), tvN dramas “Yumi’s Cells” (2021–2022), “Military Prosecutor Doberman” (2022), and “See You in My 19th Life” (2023).

8th APAN Star Awards: Recognizing Excellence

In September 2022, Ahn Bo-hyun’s outstanding performances in “Yumi’s Cells” and “My Name” earned him the Excellence Award, Actor in an OTT Drama at the prestigious 8th APAN Star Awards.

Who Is Ahn Bo-hyun Girlfriend? Meet Jisoo, Ahn Bo-hyun's Girlfriend
📸 Photo: GH Gossip – Meet Jisoo, Ahn Bo-hyun’s Girlfriend

Ahn Bo-hyun Girlfriend

FN Entertainment has officially confirmed that Ahn is in a relationship with K-pop idol and actress Jisoo, a member of the popular group Blackpink. Jisoo, whose real name is Kim Ji-soo, was born on January 3, 1995, in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

She is currently 28 years old and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2016. Jisoo is a talented singer and actress, signed under YG Entertainment. Apart from being a member of Blackpink, she has also pursued acting and gained recognition for her roles in various series.

She made her acting debut with a cameo appearance in the 2015 series The Producers and later took on her first leading role in the JTBC series Snowdrop, which aired from 2021 to 2022. Her exceptional performance in Snowdrop earned her the Best Actress Award at the 2022 Seoul International Drama Awards.

In addition to her success in acting, Jisoo has ventured into solo music. Her solo debut came with the single album Me, released on March 31, 2023. The album achieved remarkable success, debuting at number one on the Circle Album Chart and selling over 1.03 million copies in less than two days.

With this achievement, Jisoo became the best-selling female soloist in South Korea and the first to reach over a million album sales. Her lead single “Flower” also made waves, reaching number two on the Billboard Global 200 and the Circle Digital Chart.

It marked a significant milestone for a Korean female soloist, as it peaked high on the Canadian Hot 100, NZ Singles Chart, and UK Singles Chart. Jisoo’s career continues to flourish, and her relationship with Ahn has made headlines, capturing the attention and support of fans worldwide.

As she continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, there’s no doubt that Jisoo’s talent and charm will keep her at the top of the charts and in the hearts of her fans.

In Conclusion

In the exciting world of K-pop and entertainment, Ahn Bo-hyun’s girlfriend, Jisoo, stands out as a prominent figure. As a member of Blackpink, she has won the hearts of millions with her incredible talent and charm. Her solo debut album, “Me,” has broken records, solidifying her position as a best-selling female soloist in South Korea.

Together with Ahn Bo-hyun, their relationship is making headlines, leaving fans eager to learn more about this dynamic couple. With Jisoo’s continuous success and Ahn Bo-hyun’s rising star, their journey in the entertainment industry promises to be an enthralling one to follow.

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