Who Is Alex Usifo Married To? Meet Alex Usifo’s Wife and Children

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Alex Usifo Omiagbo, born on April 16, 1953, is a well-known Nigerian actor who entered the world of acting in 1984. Over the years, he has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Usifo has showcased his talent in stage plays, radio, and films, earning both local and international accolades for his remarkable performances.

Notable among his works are “End of the Wicked,” “Ripples,” “Enakhe,” and “The Black Book.” His contributions to the movie industry have garnered him recognition and solidified his status as a veteran in Nollywood.

Who Is Alex Usifo’s Married To? Meet Alex Usifo Wife and Children

In 1993, Alex Usifo, the seasoned Nigerian actor, tied the knot with Princess Usifo, and together they have four children. Their kids go by the names Sarah Alex-Usifo, Isaac Usifo, David Usifo, and Osedebame Usifo.

Celebrating three decades of marriage, the couple marked their 30th wedding anniversary on November 27, 2023. Alex Usifo took to his Instagram, sharing heartwarming throwback and recent photos capturing moments from their enduring journey.

This milestone not only showcases their lasting commitment but also reflects a family bond that has flourished over the years. The veteran actor and Princess Usifo have created a legacy extending beyond their illustrious careers.

The shared images encapsulate the joy, growth, and love that have defined their relationship, making it a remarkable journey worth commemorating. Alex Usifo, both on and off-screen, continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his audience, mirroring the depth and richness of his personal life.


  1. Sarah Alex-Usifo
  2. Isaac Usifo
  3. David Usifo
  4. Osedebame Usifo

Sarah Alex-Usifo, one of the four children of Alex and Princess Usifo, is actively engaged in the entertainment industry. She has worked in various roles, such as event management and sales.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sarah is known for her passion for philosophy and commitment to continuous learning. Isaac Usifo, another child of Alex and Princess Usifo, has limited publicly available information about his life and career.

David Usifo, the third child of Alex and Princess Usifo, similarly has limited information about his life and career. Osedebame Usifo, the youngest child in the Usifo family, shares the same limited availability of information regarding his life and career.

The Usifo family holds a prominent position in the Nigerian entertainment industry, with Alex Usifo being a multiple award-winning actor and a significant influence on Nollywood.

Get to Know Alex Usifo’s Career

Usifo faced challenges in the early stages of his media career, attempting auditions at various places like Radio Nigeria Lagos, Voice of Nigeria, and NTA Ilorin. Despite making it to top lists, he encountered setbacks due to the ‘Quota System,’ leading to years of unemployment.

A turning point came when he attended a Deeper Life Crusade with his friend Peter Okun, praying for change and receiving guidance to “look inwards.” His acting journey began in 1984 with a significant role in the tele-movie “The Return of the Native.”

He later played lead roles in Natas and Two People, participating in NTA productions like “At Your Service,” “Echoes of Life,” and “Turning Wheel” between 1984 and 1987.

In 1988, Usifo gained recognition starring in Zeb Ejiro’s soap opera, “Ripples,” where he portrayed the villain Talaab Abass with distinctive bulging eyes and a baritone voice.

Before the era of Nollywood, Usifo made a name for himself through stage plays like “Awero” and “Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again!” at the National Theatre. He received awards both locally and internationally for his outstanding contributions to the movie industry.

Usifo’s filmography includes notable works such as “End of the Wicked” (1999), “Okoro the Prince,” “Trumpet of Death,” “The Guilty,” and “Enakhe” (2020).

His achievements were celebrated with awards like the Best Actor at RLG Ghana Movie Awards 2012 and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Nollywood Christian Fellowship in 2012.

This seasoned actor has left a lasting legacy in the film industry, showcasing excellence, creativity, and exemplary living.

Who Is Alex Usifo's Married To? Meet Alex Usifo Wife and Children

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