Father DMW Biography And Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy, Wikipedia, Davido, Real Name, Cars, Tribe

Father DMW Biography And Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy, Wikipedia, Davido, Real Name, Cars, Tribe

Who is Father DMW? Welcome to Whois writer. We will be looking at the full biography and net worth of Bashir Muhammadu Abdullahi.


However, it’s very rare to have the complete data and background of every individual due to some bridge and blocks between the data reviewers and the celebrity.

Father DMW Biography And Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy, Wikipedia, Davido, Real Name, Cars, Tribe

Father DMW Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Bashir Muhammadu Abdullahi
Date Of Birth:February 2nd, 1999
Age:23 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin:Borno State, Nigeria
Place of Birth:Gwoza, Borno State
Girlfriend – Wife:Eva Apio
Occupation:Comedian – Singer & Content Creator
Net Worth:Under Est.
Record Label:DMW

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Father DMW Biography

Father DMW is from Gwoza, Borno State, and his real name is Muhammadu Abdullahi Bashir. He was born in Gwoza and raised in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State, Nigeria. He claimed to have attended school before dropping out due to the rise of Boko Haram, but his academic records are missing.


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Father DMW Biography And Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy, Wikipedia, Davido, Real Name, Cars, Tribe

Age – Date of Birth

How Old Is Father DMW? Father DMW Is How Many Years Old?Father DMW, also known as Bashir Mohammed, was born on February 2, 1999 in Borno State, Nigeria. He is currently in his twenties.

Nigerian singer Father DMW has finally met his crush, Eva Apio, after months of internet flirtation and talks.

Father DMW, who has always expressed his love for the young and beautiful American model, realized his dream when they met and got along well.

Father DMW and Eva Apio shared a video of themselves dancing together while allegedly in Ghana to give their fans a taste of their lovely moments.

Father DMW State of Origin

Where is Father DMW From? Father DMW Is From Which State? Father DMW comes from Nigeria’s northeastern region, having been born in Gwoza Local Government Area in Borno State. He spent most of his childhood in Gwoza, Maiduguri, Borno State.

Due to Boko Haram violence in his neighborhood, he had dropped out of school. He admitted that Davido had improved his life, particularly his education in Lagos State. A photo of him and Ugandan model Eva Apio appeared online, sparking speculation that they were dating.

We commit to providing you with complete information about his family, including his parents, siblings, and much more, as time goes on. He has not made any information about his mother, siblings, or father public.

Father DMW Biography And Net Worth, Girlfriend, Comedy, Wikipedia, Davido, Real Name, Cars, Tribe

Net Worth

Father DMW’s net worth is believed to be $120,000 dollars. He used to perform errands for Davido and his team in Lekki as a messenger and keeper. Thanks to Davido and Zlatan Ibile, the 30-billion gang carrier can now boast about his superstar status.

Father DMW Career

Father DMW made his debut as a performer in the Dakulest song Gbera Tan. He is employed by Davido’s record label, 30 billion Gang (DMW). His name is a combination of his older brother’s, Father, and Davido’s record label, DMW.

He is now filming a live Instagram video with top model Eva Apio, who is based in London and has a significant Instagram following. Despite rumors to the contrary, the father insists that he and the model are simply great friends who care about one another. He has no idea what the future holds.

Father DMW rose to prominence online for his contentious and hilarious Instagram live video with UK beauty Eva Apio (@EvssOfficial), as well as his side gig as a comedian. The Instagram Live Video that helped Father DMW become one of the most sought-after personalities trended on Twitter NG for three days in a row.

As a result, a video of Father DMW’s trip to Lagos and how Davido supported him in becoming more than just another motorcycle was leaked online. Father DMW obtained Instagram verification at this time to further honor the online sensation.

Father DMW, also known as Bashir Mohammed, was born in Nigeria on February 2, 1999. He is a comedian, content developer, and Instagram sensation. He had a contract with DMW Records.

In Conclusion

Father DMW biography and net worth conclusion; Bashir Mohammed is the real name of Father DMW. He was signed to DMW Records and appeared on Dakulest’s song Gbera Tan.

To travel to Lekki, Lagos State, where he originally served as Davido’s gateman and conducted errands for him and his crew, he disguised himself as a woman and journeyed through hades to avoid Boko Haram.


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