Meet The Crown Prince of Jordan: Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan Wife, Net Worth, Height, Children, Family, Biography

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In the heart of the Middle East, where history and tradition intertwine, there exists a young prince whose journey has captivated the world. Meet Hussein bin Abdullah, the Crown Prince of Jordan.

Born on 28 June 1994, he is the son of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, and his story is one of determination, leadership, and a commitment to service.

Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan Biography

Hussein bin Abdullah belongs to the Hashemite dynasty, the royal family of Jordan since 1921. With a lineage tracing back 42 generations as a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad, he carries a rich heritage and a sense of duty to his country and people.

As the future king, Hussein holds the position of vice-chief of the Jordanian Armed Forces, working alongside his father, who serves as the chief.

Age and Date of Birth

As of 2022, Crown Prince Hussein is 28 years old. He was born on 28 June 1994, a date that holds significance not only for him but for the entire nation of Jordan.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Being a member of the Hashemite dynasty, Crown Prince Hussein proudly identifies as Jordanian. His nationality reflects his deep connection to the country and its people. In terms of ethnicity, he is of Arab descent, embracing the cultural richness and diversity of the region.

Family Background and Early Life

Born into royalty, Crown Prince Hussein experienced a unique upbringing. His parents, King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, provided a loving and nurturing environment for their children.

Hussein has three siblings: Princess Iman, Princess Salma, and Prince Hashem. King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, known for their commitment to modernization and progress, have always instilled in their children the values of compassion, education, and public service.

Education Background

Education plays a crucial role in the life of Crown Prince Hussein. He began his educational journey in Jordan, immersing himself in the rich history and culture of his homeland.

In 2016, he graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in International History, expanding his knowledge and understanding of global affairs.

This educational foundation has equipped him with the tools to navigate the complexities of leadership in an interconnected world.

Personal Life: Wife and Children

In June 2023, Crown Prince Hussein entered a new chapter of his personal life as he married Rajwa Alseif. The daughter of a prominent Saudi family, Rajwa brings her own unique background and experiences to their union.

The palace ceremony, attended by royals and VIPs from around the world, marked a joyous celebration of their love and commitment.

While details about their children remain private, the birth of future heirs would undoubtedly bring great joy and anticipation to the royal family and the people of Jordan.

Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan Wife, Net Worth, Height, Children, Family, Biography
📸 Source: Fox News – Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan


Crown Prince Hussein’s career has been shaped by a sense of duty and a desire to make a positive impact. From an early age, he actively fulfilled regent duties, representing his father on official and international visits.

Additionally, he has embraced the responsibilities of the Crown Prince Foundation, overseeing various scientific and humanitarian initiatives.

One of his remarkable achievements occurred at the age of 20 when he became the youngest person to chair a UN Security Council session in 2015.

This historic milestone showcased his ability to lead and address global issues. Notably, he delivered a notable debut address at the UN General Assembly in 2017, leaving a lasting impression on the international stage.

Crown Prince Hussein’s commitment to service extends beyond his country’s borders. He underwent training with the Jordanian special forces elite and visited the King Hussein Medical Center in Amman to support Palestinians seeking medical treatment.

His efforts to prevent youth from joining extremist groups were recognized globally, positioning him as a leader of the 21st century.

Net Worth

While it is challenging to determine the exact net worth of Crown Prince Hussein, it is estimated to be at least $5 million. His position within the royal family and his involvement in various initiatives contribute to his financial standing.

Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan Biodata

Full Name Hussein bin Abdullah
Known as The Crown Prince of Jordan
Age and Date of Birth 28 June 1994 (age 28)
Nationality Jordanian, Arab
Parents King Abdullah II (father) | Queen Rania (mother)
Education Georgetown University
Wife Rajwa Alseif
Career Crown Prince of Jordan
Net Worth $5 million (estimated)

In Conclusion

In Crown Prince Hussein, Jordan has found a leader who combines tradition with a modern vision, embracing the challenges of the 21st century. With his commitment to service, education, and global engagement, he embodies the hopes and aspirations of his people.

As the future king, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan is poised to leave a lasting legacy, guiding his nation towards prosperity and unity while fostering international cooperation.

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