Ebuka Songs Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Church, Family, Parents, Wife, Girlfriend, Full Name

You are currently viewing Ebuka Songs Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Church, Family, Parents, Wife, Girlfriend, Full Name

You will be reading the full biography and net worth of Ebuka Songs, a superb Gospel minister from Nigeria. He is known with his Gospel musics and the chant he makes in his songs.

Ebuka Songs Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Church, Family, Parents, Wife, Girlfriend, Full Name

Ebuka Songs Biography

The Gospel minister is from the southeast part of Nigeria, born into a strong an religious family in Imo State, Nigeria. Ebuka Songs was born in Obinle area of Imo state, he is currently living in Lagos state, Nigeria.

He is a worshipper who has a great passion for music and has started his music calling from a very tender age, and God has been glorified through it. He is a music minister who is based in Lagos.

Ebuka Songs Education

The Nigerian Gospel minister studied Theater art in the university of Imo State, Nigeria. His full name is, Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary.

Ebuka Songs Biography And Net Worth

I Will Pray by Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Songs, a prominent figure in the contemporary Christian music scene as well as a singer and worship leader, has recently issued a new album titled “I Will Pray.”

Ebuka has been leading Christians in praises and worship, and he has also been dropping gospel tunes that are meant to lift people’s spirits and bring them closer to God.

The new song, which consists of instrumentals and chants, exhorts people who believe in God to be fervent in their supplications and intercessions to him, According to one of the lyrics in the song, “I Will Pray. If I don’t take the time to pray, the devil is going to make a mess out of me.

The song teaches the importance of prayer and why Christians should take praying a bit more seriously as a form of protection against satanic invasions and plunder while at the same time explaining why the singer prays to us and telling us why he prays to us.

What I Preach by Ebuka Songs

The new single was released in 2021, following the release of “What I Preach,” which was the previous single. The singer is also responsible for the compilation of gospel records titled “Midnight Cry,” which was published.

The collection currently consists of two volumes, the most recent of which was just released not too long ago. In addition, Ebuka has collaborated with other gospel artists, such as Victoria Orenze, to release a record titled “Spirit Chant.”

This is a genre of music that many new-age Christians enjoy praying to because it helps to set the mood. This year saw the release of the song, which got off to a holy and pious start for the year.

His Age – Date of Birth

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary or Ebuka Songs was born in the year, 1992. His actual date of birth and month remains private, but we promise to update this page as soon as we get his full biodata.

Ebuka Songs Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Church

State of Origin

The Gospel singer was born in Obinle area of Imo state. Imo State is located in Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical zone, bordered by Anambra State to the north, Rivers State to the west and south, and Abia State to the east.

This is the little biodata we have on Ebuka songs, incase you know more about him, do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page below or drop any detail you know about him in the comment section below.

We will like to have more biodata about his date of birth, his marital status, the church he is attending, his parents, relative, occupation aside singer and his childhood background.

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