Eddy Remedy Biography, Net Worth, Parents, State of Origin, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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Eddy Remedy, also known as Edward Ashiedu Brown, belonged to the Nigerian hip-hop group “The Remedies” in the late 90s to early 2000s, alongside Eedris Abdulkareem and Tony Tetulia.

The group was recognized for its socially aware lyrics, fusion of Afrobeat and hip-hop, and lively performances. Eddy later pursued a solo career in 2004, and currently, his net worth remains undisclosed.

Notably, Eddy Remedy mentioned that his father co-wrote Nigeria’s national anthem but did not receive credit for it. Recent news has highlighted Eddy’s discussions about the formation of The Remedies and inviting Eedris Abdulkareem to join the group.

There have also been reports of conflicts within the group, with accusations against Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy for removing Tony Tetuila from The Remedies. These events have sparked public interest and discussions within the music industry.

Who Is Eddy Remedy?

In the vibrant world of Nigerian music, one name stands out—Edward Ashiedu-Brown, better known as Eddy. Born on July 7, 1977, in the bustling city of Lagos, Remedy carved his path as a revolutionary musician.

This biographic blog post delves into the life, music, and challenges of this legendary Nigerian artist.


At the age of 46 in 2024, Eddy Remedy remains a pivotal figure in the Nigerian music scene. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, his influence extends beyond borders.

Eddy Remedy’s journey began in 1987, marking the inception of a career that would redefine the industry.

Early Life and Education

Eddy Remedy’s roots trace back to a musical family. His father, Benedict Ashiedu-Brown, a composer and singer, played a significant role in his early exposure to music.

Despite his father’s contribution to the Nigerian national anthem, recognition eluded him. Eddy Remedy, with a passion for music from a young age, honed his skills on the piano, guitar, and drums.

His journey into the limelight commenced when Ray Power Grand Slam, a pioneering radio station, recognized his talent, giving him a platform to record and perform.


A luminary in the Nigerian music landscape, Eddy Remedy rose to fame as a member of The Remedies, a group that left an indelible mark with their hit song “Shakomo.”

The group’s impact on Nigerian music was revolutionary. Eddy Remedy later embarked on a solo career, releasing albums such as “Eddy na Eddy” and “Wa gba Control,” solidifying his status as a pioneer and legend.

Personal Life

Beyond the stage, Eddy Remedy’s personal life adds layers to his narrative. Married to Kenny Saint Brown in 2006, a singer and sister to Kenny Ogungbe, owner of Kennis Music, their union produced two children—a boy and a girl.

However, the marriage concluded in 2012. Eddy Remedy candidly shared that the divorce affected both his music career and his relationship with Kennis Music.

Despite this, he emphasizes his amicable co-parenting relationship with his ex-wife and remains single.

Parents: Father and Mother

Eddy Remedy’s musical lineage is deeply rooted in his family. Benedict Ashiedu-Brown, his father, played a pivotal role in shaping his musical journey.

The influence of his mother is a testament to the nurturing environment that fueled his passion for music.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

While Eddy Remedy’s siblings may not be as publicly known as him, they undoubtedly share a connection through their family’s rich musical heritage.

The support and camaraderie within the Ashiedu-Brown family contribute to the artist’s enduring legacy.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

Eddy Remedy’s artistic prowess has undoubtedly translated into success. As of 2024, his net worth remains undisclosed, a testament to the wealth amassed through a dedicated career in music.

Background Informations

Full NameEdward Ashiedu-Brown
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1977
Age (as of 2024)46 years old
Place of BirthLagos, Nigeria
Musical InstrumentsPiano, Guitar, Drums
Music GroupThe Remedies
Solo AlbumsEddy na Eddy, Wa gba Control
Marital StatusDivorced (2012)
Ex-WifeKenny Saint Brown
ChildrenTwo (a boy and a girl)
FatherBenedict Ashiedu-Brown
Net WorthUnder Rev.

In conclusion

Eddy Remedy’s biography unveils a journey marked by passion, innovation, and resilience. From his early years in Lagos to the pinnacle of Nigerian music, his story is a testament to the transformative power of art.

Eddy Remedy Biography, Net Worth, Parents, State of Origin, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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