Ella Bonafede Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Origin, Siblinigs, Career

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Ella Bonafede Biography – The Inspiring Journey of a Multi-Talented Athlete

Ella Bonafede Biography

Ella Bonafede, a name synonymous with athletic prowess and determination, was brought into this world on June 30, 1997, in the vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio, nestled within the heart of the United States of America. At 26 years young, she has already left an indelible mark on the world of sports and beyond.

Nationality and Origin

Ella Bonafede proudly hails from the United States, with her roots firmly grounded in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. She embodies the spirit of an American, carrying with her the essence of a nation known for its unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

Age: How old Is Ella Bonafede?

Born on that fateful day in June, Ella Bonafede’s age currently stands at 26. In the realm of athletics, she has accomplished much in her relatively short time on this earth, a testament to her remarkable talent and work ethic.

Family and Siblings

Ella Bonafede’s family is a cornerstone of her life. Her parents, Mary and Joseph Bonafede, have been her unwavering support throughout her journey.

Notably, she shares her life’s journey with three brothers: Sam, Andrew, and Ben, forming a tight-knit family unit that has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in her development.

Height and Weight

Standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, Ella Bonafede is a testament to the notion that size is not a limiting factor when it comes to achieving one’s dreams. While details about her weight remain undisclosed, her stature on the field speaks volumes about her dedication and ability.

Education Background

Ella Bonafede’s educational journey is as impressive as her athletic achievements. She embarked on her high school education at just 16 years old, a testament to her intellect and drive. Subsequently, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Duke University.

Her thirst for knowledge led her to New York University, where she obtained a master’s degree in public health. In 2021, she proudly completed her master’s degree, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence.


In the world of lacrosse, Ella Bonafede’s name shines brightly. Over her 32 career games at attack, she left an indelible mark by scoring nine goals, providing seven assists, grabbing 13 ground balls, and securing one draw control.

Her prowess in scoring from the free position is a testament to her skill and determination. Notably, she was honored as a member of the ACC Academic Honor Roll for four consecutive years, showcasing her dedication both on and off the field.

Her senior season was nothing short of spectacular, with two goals and one assist in five games, including a memorable moment on Senior Day against VCU. Against Presbyterian, she exhibited her versatility with one goal, one assist, and two ground balls.

Throughout her career, Ella Bonafede consistently delivered outstanding performances. Her sophomore season saw her finish with two goals and three assists, including a career-high two assists in a memorable matchup with Furman.

Her impact extended beyond the scoresheet, as she also contributed with ground balls and draw controls. Ella’s achievements include participating in the NCAA first- and second-round matches for the Blue Devils. She made history by scoring her first collegiate goal against Campbell on February 4.

Even amidst challenges, Ella Bonafede’s determination shone through. Despite a significant portion of her junior season being marred by injuries, she ended her four seasons with an impressive tally of 61 goals, 42 assists, and 66 ground balls.

As a senior, she continued to excel, recording 24 goals and 20 assists, earning league recognition during her sophomore and senior years. Her exceptional talents even earned her the title of Under Armour Underclass All-American during her sophomore year.

Ella Bonafede Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Origin, Siblinigs, Career
📸 Photo source: Media Referee

Present and Future – A Bright Path Ahead

Today, Ella Bonafede serves as a graduate course assistant for public health nutrition at New York University, further solidifying her commitment to education and community health.

While her net worth remains a subject of curiosity, it’s safe to say that with her talent, dedication, and a burgeoning career, her financial horizons are indeed promising.

Is Ella Bonafede Married? Love and Family

In matters of the heart, Ella Bonafede was in a relationship with the American football quarterback, Daniel Jones. However, her current love life remains shrouded in mystery, leaving her fans curious about her romantic endeavors.

Legacy and Net Worth

With a substantial following on social media, Ella Bonafede’s star continues to rise. Her net worth is estimated to range from $1 million to $5 million, a testament to her influence and success in both the athletic and online realms.

In Conclusion

Ella Bonafede is not just an athlete; she is a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the power of dedication and talent.

Her journey from Cleveland, Ohio, to the grand stages of lacrosse is a story of resilience, excellence, and unwavering determination.

As she continues to make her mark, we eagerly await the next chapters in the remarkable life of Ella Bonafede.

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