Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend, Nationality, Songs, Real Name

You are currently viewing Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend, Nationality, Songs, Real Name

Throughout Feza Kessy music career, she has released numerous collaborations with Tanzanian stars such as Nikki wa pili and Chege. Let’s read her full Wikipedia biography and net worth below.

Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend, Nationality, Songs, Real Name

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Feza Tadei Kessy
Date of Birth: August 24, 1988
Age: 35 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Nairobi, Kenya
Place of Birth: Nairobi
Nationality: Tanzanian – Kenyan
Boyfriend – Husband: Harmonize
Son 1
Occupation: Singer
Net Worth: < $300k
Record Label: DB records
Education: Diploma in Information Technology (Tanzania) – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (U.S.)

Feza Kessy Biography

She became well-known when she represented Tanzania in Big Brother Africa Season 8 in 2013. Feza Kessy, who was born on August 24, 1988, is a Tanzanian musician, dancer, singer, songwriter, recording artist, business owner, and former runner-up for Miss Tanzania.

After she was kicked out of the Big Brother house, Feza focused on her love of music. She started her music career many years ago when she released singles like “My Papa,” “Amani ya Moyo,” “Sanuka,” and many others. ((ngnews247.com))

Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age

Her Real Name

Her real name is, Feza Tadei Kessy. Feza Kessy is a rising star in the music world who lives in Tanzania.

Education Background

Feza Kessy went to elementary school in Nairobi and high school in Arusha. Feza got her Diploma in Information Technology in Tanzania. She then went to the United Kingdom to get her Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Age – How old Is Feza Kessy

It has been 34 years since Feza Kessy was born. On August 24, 1988, he was brought into this world. On the 24th of August, Feza Kessy always makes a big deal out of her birthday. By the 24th of August in 2023, she will celebrate her 35th birthday.

Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth

Nationality – Where Is Feza Kessy From

Feza was born and raised in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. She was born in Tanzania, which is located in Africa. British colonial authorities in East Africa founded Nairobi in 1899 as a rail depot on the Uganda-Kenya Railway.

Family – Parents

Feza Kessy was one of four kids in a family. Feza is her parents’ third child. She has a brother and sister who are older than her, as well as a younger brother. Feza has always looked up to her mother because she has always been there for her.

Boyfriend – Husband

Harmonize, a Tanzanian sensational superstar, has revealed his new girlfriend, Feza Kessy, following his bitter breakup with Kajala Masanja, a curvy actress who has people online talking for hours.

Harmonize and Kajala divorced due to disagreements and accusations that are still just rumors today, but Feza Kessy is here to erase that history. Harmonize and Kajala did not discuss what caused their relationship to end.

Feza Kessy Biography

Son – Baby Daddy

Miss. Feza Kessy, the 34 years old singer is a single mother of one child named Jayden. In a recent interview with Millard Ayo, she revealed that she was in a relationship with a Botswana man with whom she planned to marry, but their relationship ended after the said man cheated on her.

Early Career

Feza Kessy is an entrepreneur, musician, dancer, and singer. Feza began her career as a model while still a teenager before moving on to music. She is a former beauty queen; at the age of 17, she was crowned Miss Dar City Centre, Miss Ilala, and Miss Tanzania Runner-up in 2005.

She was also Tanzania’s representative on the continent’s most popular reality show, Big Brother Africa, and the first female to make it to the finals. Feza released her first single, ‘Amani ya Moyo,’ in 2013, and later released ‘My Papa,’ a hit that established her as a fast rising musician.

In 2015, she signed with Panamusiq and was asked to appear on the track ‘Living My Life’ by Zambian superstar Macky 2. Feza signed her largest contract on May 14, 2021, when she was named the first female artist for DB Records, a record label owned by Nigerian super star Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, better known by his stage name D’banj. Feza’s first single, “Bless Me,” was released by DB Records.

Feza Kessy Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Songs, Real Name

Record Label – Music Manager

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, better known by his stage as D’banj, is a singer and businessman from Nigeria. He recently made an announcement on the signing of Tanzanian musician Feza Kessy to his record company, DB recordings. ((wuzupnigeria.ng))

Estimated Net Worth In 2023

It is believed that Feza Kessy has a net worth of approximately $200,000 dollars in the United States. It is said that he is one of the wealthiest singers, songwriters, and dancers in Tanzania. He also has a lot of influence.

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