Fola Francis, a Remarkable Model, Activist, and Entrepreneur, she is a prominent Nigerian personality, is breaking boundaries as a transgender model, LGBTQIA+ activist, and entrepreneur.

Early Life

Born in Nigeria, Fola Francis has emerged as a pioneering figure in the fashion industry. With over six years of experience, she’s made her mark in multiple domains.


She is Yoruba by tribe.


She is from a Christian home.

Age and Date of Birth

She is currently in her late 20’s, born in the 90’s.

State of Origin

She is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Early Career

In 2022, history was made when Fola became the first Nigerian transgender person to grace the Lagos Fashion Week runway. She captivated the audience while modeling for two renowned labels, Cute-Saint and Fruché.


Not limited to the runway, Fola is also a talented actress. She’s currently featured in a documentary that chronicles her life, currently in production.

Advocating for LGBTQIA+ Rights

Francis has been using her platform to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in Nigeria. In a country where laws often target queer and trans individuals, her advocacy is instrumental.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fola Francis wears multiple hats; she’s the CEO of her fashion and design brand. In addition, she’s a content creator and skilled copywriter.

Spreading Awareness through social media

To amplify her message, Fola Francis leverages social media, particularly TikTok. Through her content, she sheds light on the challenges of being a trans woman in Nigeria and the discrimination they face.

An Inspiring Figure

Fola Francis is an inspiration to many within the LGBTQIA+ community in Nigeria and beyond. Her unwavering commitment to fighting for their rights and creating awareness is commendable.

Speaking Her Truth

In a recent episode of “Toke Moments,” she candidly discussed her life as a trans woman in Lagos, emphasizing the importance of being authentic.

Fola Francis Net Worth

She is worth about $200k.


Fola Francis’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. She’s a trailblazer and a role model, offering hope and strength to those in the LGBTQIA+ community who continue to battle for their rights and acceptance.

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