Meet Funny Bone’s Wife, Stanley Angel and Children

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📸 Photo source: - Comedian Funny Bone Welcomes First Child

Funny Bone Family: Meet His Wife and Children

Discover the charming family of comedian Funny Bone, including his wife Stanley Angel and their lovely children. Get insights into their life together in this heartwarming biography.

Biography of Funny Bone

Born on October 28, 1985, in Kaduna state, Nigeria, Stanley Chibunna is a well-known Nollywood actor and a highly talented stand-up comedian. Let’s explore the captivating life of this versatile entertainer.

Stanley Chibunna, whose real name is Stanley Chibunna, was born on October 28, 1985, in Kaduna state, Nigeria. His roots in Kaduna played a significant role in his journey to fame.

He belongs to the Igbo tribe from Anambra, South-east Nigeria, and his cultural identity is deeply tied to his heritage. Stanley practices Christianity and had a diverse upbringing due to his time in Kaduna.

Contrary to some reports, Stanley Chibunna is a graduate with a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos, Plateau State.

His educational journey began in Kaduna, where he completed his primary and secondary education, obtaining his Senior School Certificate (SSCE) and West African Leaving Certificate (WAEC).

Stanley’s path to stardom began as a dancer, where he skillfully imitated the renowned musician, Julius Agwu. His talent for miming quickly caught the attention of film producers, leading him to venture into acting.

He also explored singing before transitioning into comedy, a decision that would change the course of his life. At the beginning of his comedy career, Stanley Chibunna charged a modest fee of N100 for his shows.

However, as his popularity soared, he increased the price to N500,000 for a table of four, a clear sign of his rising status in the comedy scene.

Throughout his career, Funny Bone shared the stage with legendary comedians such as Basketmouth, Ali Baba, Bovi, and many others.

His performances at prestigious events like AY Makun’s show and Stand-Up Nigeria cemented his position as a top-notch comedian and entertainer.

Meet Funny Bone's Wife, Stanley Angel and Children
📸 Photo source: – Comedian Funny Bone Welcomes First Child

Meet Funny Bone’s Wife, Stanley Angel and Children

Stanley Chibunna, known for his hashtag-worthy wedding celebration in June 2022 with his wife, Angel, recently had some joyful news to share.

The popular comedian, Funny Bone, welcomed his first child with his wife and shared the heartwarming moment on his Instagram page on October 7, 2023.

In the touching post, Funny Bone introduced his precious newborn, named Zimchikachim, to the world. It was indeed a moment of happiness and love celebrated among notable celebrities.


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