Ipeleng Biography and Net Worth

Ipeleng Biography and Net Worth, Age, BBTitans, Real Name, Family, Nationality, Marital Status

Just as we promise few days ago, Ipeleng, one of the participants of Big Brother Titans full biography and net worth is finally available on this platform. Read her biodata below and share.


BBTitans is a show like no other because it features contestants from both Nigeria and South Africa, in contrast to BBNaija, which exclusively has contestants from Nigeria.

Ipeleng Biography and Net Worth, Age, Big Brother Titans, Real Name, Family, Nationality, Marital Status

Ipeleng Biography

Her real name is Elaine Selepe, she is currently in her twenties just as other housemates in the show. She was born in the year and month of December nineteen ninety-seven, she is a Christian from South Africa. She was born in Dikebu, Northwest, South Africa.

Ipeleng from BBTitans, was a content producer from South Africa before she went for Big Brother Titans audition, she was only recently revealed to be one of the 20 houseguests competing in the first season of Big Brother Titans (Ziyakhala Wahala).


Ipeleng is really enthusiastic about being on air and presenting programs. Her participation in the first season of Big Brother Titans helped bring her recognition and garnered the attention of numerous internet users. As a direct consequence of this, the majority of them are curious about her.

Age | Date of Birth

She claims to be at the age of 25 years old during her audition with Big Brother, she was born in the year, 1997. She will be at the age of 26 years old in the year 2023. [1]

Ipeleng Biography And Net Worth

Nationality | Place of Birth

Ipeleng was born in Dikebu, Northwest, South Africa. She is originally from Centurion, South Africa. [2] Dikebu is a small town in the province of North-West, South Africa, which is located in the African continent.

Family | Parents | Siblings

The BBTitans competitor is from Dikebu, which is located in the Northwest region of South Africa. She was brought up along with her brother and sister, who were both much younger than she was. She is from a Christian background.

Ipeleng Biography and Net Worth, Age, Big Brother Titans, Real Name, Family

Education Background

According to her profile on Facebook, she completed her secondary education at Noordwyk School and then went on to study at The University of South Africa. She is now pursuing a degree in law.

Few Facts to Know About Ipeleng

She is a fast-rising YouTuber and social media influencer; the now reality TV star got her start as a video blogger. On her YouTube channel, she primarily shares videos demonstrating her skincare routines and lifestyle tips.

After it was revealed that she would be competing on the first season of the reality television show Big Brother Titans in 2023, she saw a surge in popularity.

In the video that serves as her introduction, she characterizes herself as being gentle, calm, clever, shy, imposing, and introverted. She revealed that her plan is to remain inconspicuous.

The reality TV personality is excited about the opportunity to win the big prize of one hundred thousand dollars and to experience the cultural diversity that exists across the African countries.

Ipeleng is an up-and-coming digital content producer who shot to prominence after appearing in the first episode of Big Brother Titans, which aired on January 15, 2023. The episode was broadcast.

In addition, she is a student at the university, where she is majoring in law. She has high ambitions of being the overall champion of the competition. In case you missed it, read the full biography and net worth of Ebubu, her fellow housemate from the BBTitans Show. He is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Ipeleng Biography and Net Worth, Age, Big Brother Titans

Ipeleng Wins Head of House

Ipeleng, a law student from South Africa, won the Head of House competition in the BBTitans reality show on March 6, 2023. As the new Head of House, Ipeleng will not be nominated for eviction until the end of the show and is guaranteed a spot in the grand finale.

Previously, she had a romantic relationship with former housemate Lukay but regretted her actions. Another housemate, Miracle OP, has shown interest in her, but she is not ready for a new relationship.

Ipeleng is being cautious because she feels that Miracle OP still has feelings for Khosi, as evidenced by a letter he wrote to her.

Ipeleng social media Pages

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