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Meet John Gotti’s Son (Children) – Biography

John Gotti was married to Victoria DiGiorgio, and they had five children together. His family was deeply rooted in Italian-American heritage, and several of his siblings were also involved in organized crime activities.

John Gotti Biography

John Joseph Gotti, famously known as the “Teflon Don,” was born on October 27, 1940, in the South Bronx, New York, USA. He was the fifth of 13 children in the Gotti family.

Growing up in poverty, Gotti’s father struggled to provide for the family, which led John to resent him. He dropped out of Franklin K Lane High School at the age of 16 and got involved in criminal activities at a young age.

Early Career

At a young age, Gotti began running errands for Carmine Fatico, a capo in the Gambino family. This marked the beginning of his involvement in various illegal activities.

He eventually rose to infamy as the boss of the Gambino Crime Family, one of the notorious “Five Families” that dominated organized crime in the 1980s and ’90s.

Criminal Career and Notoriety

John Gotti’s organized crime career took off in the 1960s when he joined the Gambino crime family, one of New York City’s most powerful criminal organizations. Due to his intelligence and determination, he quickly climbed the ranks.

By the 1980s, he became the head of the Gambino family, leading them in illegal gambling, loan sharking, narcotics trafficking, and labor union control. Gotti’s ability to evade convictions earned him the nickname “Teflon Don.”

Legal Troubles and Conviction

However, Gotti’s luck eventually ran out when he became the target of relentless law enforcement efforts.

After a series of high-profile trials, he was finally convicted in 1992, leading to a life sentence in prison.

This marked the end of his criminal career, but he continued to exert influence within the Gambino family from behind bars.

The “Teflon Don” Legacy

Gotti’s fame stems from his ability to elude convictions, earning him the moniker “Teflon Don.”

His criminal activities, along with those of the Gambino family, made headlines with their extensive involvement in illegal gambling, loan sharking, narcotics trafficking, and labor union control.

Gotti’s numerous trials, often filled with drama and acquittals, garnered significant media attention.

Cultural Impact

John Gotti’s life and criminal endeavors became the subject of numerous books, documentaries, and movies, further solidifying his place in popular culture.

John Gotti Son (Children)

John Gotti’s Family: Notorious Crime Boss and His Five Children

John Gotti Son (Children) and Grandchildren - Biography – Gotti family Scrapyard sued for spewing pollution, toxic waste

Meet His Son

John A. Gotti, also known as Junior Gotti, is the son of John Gotti, the former boss of the Gambino crime family. John A. Gotti was a former mobster and served as the acting boss of the Gambino crime family from 1991 to 1999 while his father was in prison.

In 1999, he was imprisoned for racketeering and faced four racketeering trials between 2004 and 2009, all of which ended in mistrials.

Today, John A. Gotti has transitioned into being an author, with his book “Shadow of My Father” published in 2015. He resides in Oyster Bay Cove on Long Island’s North Shore in New York City with his family.

Notably, one of his sons, John Gotti III, has made a name for himself as a professional MMA fighter. In November 2013, John A. Gotti was injured while trying to break up a fight in Syosset, New York.

Meet His Children

John Gotti, the infamous crime boss, was a father to five children with his wife Victoria DiGiorgio. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of his children and their unique stories.

Angel Gotti

Angel Gotti, born in 1961, has been dedicated to presenting her family in a positive light, all while preserving her father’s legacy.

Victoria Gotti

Victoria Gotti, born in 1962, is arguably the most well-known of John’s children. She was married to Carmen Agnello, who had ties to the mob, and they have three sons together.

Victoria’s presence extended to popular TV shows like Mob Wives, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her own show, “Growing Up Gotti.”

John A. Gotti

John A. Gotti, born in 1964, initially walked in his father’s footsteps just as we said earlier, serving as the head of the Gambino family in his absence. He faced legal troubles in 1999 but was never convicted in subsequent trials.

Frank Gotti

Born in 1967, Frank Gotti’s life was cut short tragically at the age of 12 when he was fatally injured in an accident.

Peter Gotti

Peter Gotti, born in 1974, followed his brothers into the Gambino crime family. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003 for his involvement in racketeering and other crimes.

John Gotti’s Grandchildren

John Gotti’s legacy lives on through his grandchildren. For example, Victoria Gotti has three sons named Carmine, Frank, and John.

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