Kigen Moi Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Wife, Background, Career, Education

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Kigen Moi, the son of Kenyan politician Gideon Moi, got married to Rebecca Chepchumba in a private wedding ceremony in Kericho County. The wedding was attended by family and close friends, and Kigen’s father congratulated the couple on Twitter, wishing them a happy and prosperous future together.

Kigen Moi: Son of Kenyan Political Royalty Ties the Knot with Rebecca Chepchumba

Family Background | Early Life

Kigen Moi is the firstborn of Gideon and Zahra Moi, born in the early 90s. His dad, Gideon Moi, is a Kenyan senator, and his grandpa is the second President of Kenya, Daniel Moi. Kigen has two siblings, Lulu Moi and Kimoi, and his uncle Raymond Moi is a Member of Parliament for Rongai.

Education Background | Hobbies

Kigen Moi is a young undergraduate student pursuing his degree at the prestigious University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. In addition to his academic pursuits, Kigen is an enthusiastic and skilled polo player, inheriting his father’s love for the sport.

Notably, Kigen’s team, Samsung Tab 4, triumphed over his father’s team, Samsung NotePro 5, with a score of 5-2 at the Nanyuki Polo Challenge Cup in 2014. Kigen is also known for his refined taste and penchant for luxury. He often spends time with other privileged scions of Kenya’s upper echelon.

Future in Politics

As a scion of a political dynasty, Kigen Moi is poised to carry on his family’s political legacy. His grandfather, who governed Kenya for over two decades, is a towering figure in the country’s political history, while his father is currently serving as a senator, and his uncle as a member of parliament. Given his illustrious pedigree, Kigen’s entry into politics is likely to be smooth sailing.

Kigen Moi Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Wife, Background, Career, Education

Wife | Marriage

Kigen Moi and Rebecca Chepchumba recently tied the knot in a private ceremony held in Kericho County. The intimate wedding was graced by family and close friends, among them, Charles Keter, former Energy CS, and Lieutenant General Mohamed Badi, former NMS boss.

In Conclusion

Kigen Moi’s recent marriage to Rebecca Chepchumba is a significant milestone for the young man. While he remains focused on his studies and hobbies, Kigen is likely to carry on his family’s tradition and enter the world of politics in due course.

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