Rebecca Chepchumba (born January 17th, 1973) is a former Kenyan long-distance runner who has inspired many young athletes. She worked hard and never gave up, and this led to her success in athletics. In this blog post, we will talk about her career, personal life, and business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Rebecca Chepchumba was born in Kabiemit, Kenya on January 17th, 1973. [1] Her parents were both successful athletes, and she grew up in a family of runners. She attended Kapsabet Girls’ High School, where she continued to develop her athletic abilities.

Athletic Career

Rebecca Chepchumba started competing in local races in Kenya in the early 1990s. She won the women’s race at the Nairobi Half Marathon in 1994, which was the start of her successful career. She won many races in Kenya and in other parts of the world.

In 1998, she won the women’s race at the Boston Marathon, breaking the course record. She also won the Chicago Marathon in 2002 and came second at the London Marathon in 2001 and 2003.

Husband | Children

Is Rebecca Chepchumba Married: Yes, she is married to Noah Kitur, also a Kenyan athlete, and they have three children together. She retired from professional running in 2004 to focus on her family and business ventures. [2]

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Business Ventures and Community Development

Chepchumba is a successful businesswoman in Kenya. She owns a company that sells and distributes athletic gear and equipment. Additionally, she participates in community development projects in her hometown of Kabiemit.


Q: When was Rebecca Chepchumba born?

A: Rebecca Chepchumba was born on January 17th, 1973.

Q: What was Chepchumba’s debut marathon?

A: Chepchumba’s debut marathon was the 1998 Boston Marathon.

Q: What is Chepchumba’s business venture?

A: Chepchumba’s business venture deals with the sale and distribution of athletic gear and equipment.

Q: Is Chepchumba involved in community development projects?

A: Yes, Chepchumba is actively involved in community development projects in her hometown of Kabiemit.

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