Lee Junho, also known as Junho, stands as a prominent figure in the South Korean entertainment industry, showcasing his talents as a singer, songwriter, dancer, composer, actor, and model.

Lee Junho Biography

Lee Junho’s life is a tapestry of achievements and creativity. From winning the reality competition “Superstar Survival” in 2006 to debuting with 2PM in 2008, he has left an indelible mark on the industry.

– Age and Place of Birth

Born on January 25, 1990, in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, South Korea, Junho is currently 33 years old as of November 12, 2023.

– Origin, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Lee Junho proudly embraces his South Korean roots. His national origin is South Korea, and his ethnicity is Korean, reflecting the rich cultural characteristics of his homeland.

Early Life and Education

Raised in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Junho pursued his education at Hosu Elementary School, Baeksok Middle School, and Sewon High School.

His academic journey led him to Howon University for his bachelor’s degree in acting and Sejong University for a master’s degree in film arts.


Junho’s career is a testament to his versatility. From writing songs for 2PM to solo releases in Korea and Japan, and even contributing to television drama soundtracks, his artistic footprint is extensive.

His acting debut in the 2011 film “White: The Melody of the Curse” paved the way for numerous other roles, including in dramas like “Chief Kim” and “Just Between Lovers.” His latest venture is the 2023 drama “King the Land.”

Net Worth

As of 2023, Lee Junho’s net worth is estimated between $1 million to $5 million.

His success in various entertainment realms, including music, acting, and endorsements, has contributed significantly to his financial prosperity.

Personal Life

Despite being a public figure, Lee Junho maintains a private personal life. As of November 12, 2023, he is not married.

While there have been rumors about his relationship with Yoona, his co-star in “King the Land,” no official confirmation has been made.

Lee Junho Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

Lee Junho Biography, Net Worth, Age and Date of Birth, Spouse, Relationship, Parents, Family

– Wife and Children

Lee Junho is not married as of the latest available information, and there is no credible evidence suggesting any current relationships or plans for marriage and children.

– Parents: Father and Mother

Details about Lee Junho’s parents remain private. Limited information is available, with a Tumblr post mentioning a photo of his parents, but no further details provided.

– Siblings: Brother and Sister

Junho has one younger sister named Lee Ja-yeong. While he attended his sister’s wedding in 2016, he has not shared extensive information about his siblings publicly.

How Old Is Lee Junho (as of 2023)?

As of November 2023, Junho is 33 years old.

What Is Lee Junho’s Date of Birth and Birthplace?

Lee was born on January 25, 1990, in Goyang, South Korea.

What Is Lee Junho’s Net Worth?

He is worth between $1 million to $5 million.

Does Lee Junho Has Children?

Junho does not have children.

Is Lee Junho Married?

Lee is not married as of November 2023.

Who Is Lee Junho’s Girlfriend?

He is currently in a relationship with, Lee Se-young.

Who Are Lee Junho’s Siblings?

Junho has one younger sister named Lee Ja-yeong.

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