Who Is The Wife of Nathaniel Bassey? Meet Nathaniel Bassey’s Wife and Children

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Nathaniel Bassey, a prominent Nigerian musician and worship leader deeply involved in the gospel music scene, has been making waves with recent updates:

On April 26, 2022, a prayer meeting was held, as mentioned on Nathaniel Bassey’s website. Adding to his accomplishments, Nathaniel Bassey has recently released a live album titled “Hallelujah.”

This album captures the essence of an inter-denominational revival worship meeting at the OVO Arena W. For the latest updates on Nathaniel Bassey’s ministry, including information about his music and upcoming events, his website is the go-to source.

A noteworthy YouTube video from December 13, 2023, showcases Nathaniel Bassey singing a song in English. In the video, he encourages viewers to “Do More Songs in English, Leave Twi.”

Who Is The Wife of Nathaniel Bassey? Meet Nathaniel Bassey’s Wife and Children

Nathaniel Bassey and Sarah Bassey tied the knot in 2013 after a 12-year courtship. Sarah is a steadfast Christian wife who supported Nathaniel in his decision to pursue a career in gospel music, despite facing criticism for leaving his lucrative jazz career.

Nathaniel Bassey, the renowned musician, shares a beautiful family with his wife, Sarah. Known for his openly expressed affection, Nathaniel Bassey and Sarah are proud parents of two children – a boy and a girl.

Their first child, David Bassey, was born in February 2014, followed by the arrival of their daughter a few years later. The couple’s love and joy extend to their family, creating a heartwarming picture of a romantic and devoted husband in Nathaniel Bassey.

Get to Know Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey, born on August 27, 1981, is a well-known Nigerian singer, pastor, trumpeter, and gospel songwriter famous for songs like “Imela,” “Onise Iyanu,” and “Olowogbogboro.”

He has become a prominent figure in Nigeria’s gospel music scene, spanning genres such as worship, hymns, and medley. Bassey is associated with The Redeemed Christian Church Of God and leads The Oasis Lagos, the youth church of RCCG Kings Court in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Originating from Ikot Ofon Ikono, Uyo local government area in Akwa-Ibom state, Nathaniel Bassey was born to Mr. E. Joshua Bassey, a minister in the Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly.

He pursued international relations and politics at the University of Lagos before furthering his studies in politics in London. Additionally, he attended the Middlesex University Summer School for music.

His musical journey began in the church, where he played the trumpet for two years in the Rhodes Orchestra. Nathaniel gained recognition after composing a song during a visit to Stella Obasanjo, the late wife of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

In 2018, he played a significant role in the Nigerian Christian gathering – The Experience. Bassey’s debut album, “Elohim,” was recorded and mixed in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2008.

The album, particularly the soft-rock tune “Someone’s knocking at the door,” gained attention locally and internationally as a spiritual and artistic masterpiece.

In June 2017, Nathaniel initiated the #HallelujahChallenge, where he and fellow believers worship God for an hour from 12:00 am to 1:00 am, streaming the event on his Instagram page.

The challenge quickly gained popularity, with over 600,000 views in less than a month. The #HallelujahChallenge for 2020 took place from February 4 to 24, and in 2021, it ran from February 1 to 21.

Who Is The Wife of Nathaniel Bassey? Meet Nathaniel Bassey's Wife and Children

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