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Peter Nygard has fathered at least ten children with eight different women. However, most of Nygard’s children have distanced themselves from him following his arrest in 2020 on charges of racketeering and sex.

Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion entrepreneur, founded Nygard International in 1967 in Winnipeg, focusing on women’s apparel.

Peter Nygard Biography

Born as Pekka Juhani Nygard on July 24, 1941, in Helsinki, Finland, he and his parents moved to Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada, in 1952 when he was around eleven years old.

Nygard earned a business degree from the University of North Dakota in 1964. Nygard established global manufacturing partnerships, emphasizing high standards for employee welfare and working conditions.

He applied his creative skills to technology, connecting his worldwide network of associated businesses through innovative use of computer technology.

Notably, Nygard became a global leader in anti-aging and health preservation, contributing substantial funds to stem cell research and development worldwide.

At his peak, Nygard’s net worth reached an estimated 900 million dollars. However, serious allegations emerged against Nygard, accusing him of using his influence to lure women into his bedroom and sexually assaulting them.

In 2020, following an FBI raid on the company headquarters investigating sex trafficking accusations by multiple women, Nygard resigned as chairman of Nygard International.

Peter Nygard Children

Peter Nygard Children

  • Bianca Nygard
  • Alia Nygard Daneault
  • Kai Bickle Nygard
  • Mika Nygard
  • Scarlet Nygard
  • Jessar Nygard
  • Xar Nygard
  • Trey Nygard (Aka, Trey Peele)
  • Two other children whose names are not known.

Meet Bianca Nygard

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, around 1966, Bianca Nygard is a Canadian businesswoman and entrepreneur. She’s notably one of the ten children of Peter Nygard, the founder of Nygard International—a company specializing in women’s apparel since 1967.

Patricia Bickle, her mother and a long-time companion of Peter Nygard, played a crucial role behind the scenes at Nygard International, contributing significantly to the company’s growth.

Bianca Nygard made her mark at Nygard International, steadily rising through the ranks to become the director of design. She even had a fashion line named after her.

Additionally, she took on the role of General Manager at Nygard Cay, her father’s luxury resort, overseeing its proper maintenance.

Despite her dedication, Nygard’s children distanced themselves from him following his 2020 arrest on charges of racketeering and sex trafficking.

Meet Alia Nygard Daneault

Alia Nygard Daneault, the daughter of Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul who established Nygard International in 1967, remains a bit elusive in terms of personal details and career information.

She is recognized as one of the children of Peter Nygard, adding to the lineage of this notable figure.

Meet Kai Bickle Nygard

Kai Zen Bickle Nygard is one of Peter Nygard’s ten children. Peter, a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive, founded Nygard International, a women’s apparel company based in Winnipeg in 1967.

Kai, born in Canada around 1982 or 1983, is now a social entrepreneur collaborating with pioneers to make a positive impact. Kai’s professional journey includes working with Magical Brands (formerly MagicalButter) in New York.

Notably, he has spent the last 18 months supporting authorities and aiding victims and their lawyers in his father’s legal case.

In 2019, Kai turned against his father, alleging inappropriate behavior toward an 8-year-old girl, the daughter of one of Nygard’s girlfriends.

This incident reportedly occurred at a Los Angeles dinner party, where Kai claims to have witnessed his father attempting to molest the girl. Despite Nygard’s denial, Kai left the scene, concerned about his father’s actions.

In light of the legal situation, Kai has leveraged his influence within various Nygard companies to thwart two attempts to move assets offshore, fearing his father might flee.

Meet Mika Nygard

Mika Nygard, born in Canada in 1988, is one of Peter Nygard’s ten children, the founder of Nygard International. Peter started the Winnipeg-based company in 1967, specializing in women’s apparel.

Mika, a Canadian national with Finnish and English ethnicity, has held various roles, including Account Manager at Oracle, Sales and Acquisition Executive at Multiple Media Entertainment, Product and Data Management Operator at Coral, and Digital Sales Manager at Sky.

Currently, he serves as the President of Akava, The Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. Mika is the biological son of Peter Nygard and Kaarina Pakka, a Finnish-Canadian and former airline steward.

Despite having eight siblings from different mothers, Mika has actively supported authorities and assisted victims and their lawyers in his father’s legal case.

Meet Scarlet Nygard

Scarlet Nygard, one of the ten children of Finnish-Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard, was born in the United States but holds Canadian nationality.

Peter Nygard founded Nygard International, a Winnipeg-based company specializing in women’s apparel, in 1967.

Despite being known for her connection to the renowned fashion mogul, there is limited information available about Scarlet Nygard’s personal life or career. Her net worth and height remain undisclosed to the public.

Meet Jessar Nygard

Jessar Nygard stands as one of the ten offspring of Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul who initiated Nygard International, a company focused on crafting women’s attire back in 1967.

Born on May 20, 1988, in the United States, Jessar Nygard has carved his path as a cinematographer, producer, and freelance photo/videographer.

His educational journey led him through St. Paul’s High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. With a portfolio encompassing projects like Black Spot, Dead Rising 3: Fear, and Toxic Temptation, Jessar Nygard has proven his mettle in the industry.

Meet Xar Nygard

Xar Nygard is one of the ten children of Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul who founded Nygard International, a Winnipeg-based company specializing in women’s apparel since 1967.

Xar, born to Peter Nygard and his fourth wife, Freya, who was a former model, holds the title of being the youngest among her siblings.

Despite her connection to the renowned fashion figure, information about Xar Nygard’s personal life and career remains relatively limited.

Notably, details such as her net worth, height, and age are not disclosed to the public according to sources.

Meet Trey Nygard (Aka, Trey Peele)

Trey Nygard, also recognized as Trey Peele, is the son of Peter Nygard, a Finnish-Canadian fashion entrepreneur who established Nygard International, a Winnipeg-based company specializing in women’s apparel in 1967.

Born to Peter Nygard and supermodel Beverly Peele, Trey Nygard is an artist. He gained public attention in 2020 when he encouraged his mother to publicly share her allegations that Peter Nygard had assaulted her a decade before Trey’s birth.

Trey Nygard has also supported his father’s alleged victims of sexual assault by speaking out. Information about his personal life or career is limited, and details such as his net worth, age, and height are not publicly known.

Two Other Children Whose Names Are Not Known.

Limited information is available about the two other children of Peter Nygard whose names remain undisclosed. It’s unclear whether these two individuals have a public presence or involvement in their father’s business or personal affairs.


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