Meet Hakeem Odumosu's Wife, Princess Folashade Omotade and Children, Ex-Wife, Marriage

Meet Hakeem Odumosu’s Wife, Princess Folashade Omotade and Children, Marriage

Behind every remarkable leader stands a strong and supportive partner. In the case of Hakeem Odumosu, the esteemed Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Nigeria, his wife, Princess Folashade Omotade, plays an essential role in his personal and professional life.


This blog post delves into their marriage, family, and provides a glimpse into Princess Folashade Omotade’s life.

Who Is Hakeem Odumosu?

Hakeem Odumosu, born on August 24, 1966, in Lagos State, Nigeria, has made significant contributions to law enforcement in Nigeria. Throughout his illustrious career, he has served as the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State from November 2020 to June 2022, leaving a lasting imprint on the Nigerian police force.

Princess Folashade Omotade Biography

Princess Folashade Omotade, Hakeem Odumosu’s wife, is a businesswoman and socialite. Unfortunately, detailed information about her family background and education is not readily available.

Nevertheless, her unwavering support for her husband and involvement in various social endeavors highlight her dedication to making a positive impact on society.


Marriage and Relationship

Hakeem Odumosu and Princess Folashade Omotade exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria, in September 2020. Although specific details about their courtship and how they met remain undisclosed, their union exemplifies the strength of their bond and their shared commitment to a lifetime of love and partnership.

Children and Family

As of now, Hakeem Odumosu and Princess Folashade Omotade do not have any children together. Hakeem Odumosu’s wife was previously married to Jimi Okunola Aina, with whom she had three children named Jimi, Ayodele, and Folusho.

Meet Hakeem Odumosu's Wife, Princess Folashade Omotade and Children, Ex-Wife, Marriage
📸 Photo: City People Parties & Events – Hakeem Odumosu with His Beautiful Wife, Princess Folashade Omotade

In Conclusion

Behind Hakeem Odumosu’s accomplishments stands his wife, Princess Folashade Omotade, a businesswoman and socialite. Their marriage is a testament to their shared values, love, and support for one another.

While their family does not currently include children, their commitment to their union and their respective endeavors remains steadfast. Together, they embody the power of a strong partnership and serve as an inspiration to those around them.

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