Skepta Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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Skepta, the grime artist, recently revealed his upcoming album, “Ignorance is Bliss,” on Instagram. There are also rumors circulating about his relationship status, with fans suggesting a possible connection with Naomi Campbell. However, these rumors remain unconfirmed.

Skepta faced criticism for the artwork of his single “Gas Me Up (Diligent),” accused of evoking images of the Holocaust. In response, he apologized and removed the artwork, clarifying that it was not his intention to offend anyone.

Meet Skepta: Introduction

Skepta, born Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr. on 19 September 1982 in Tottenham, London, England, is a British grime MC, rapper, record producer, and DJ.

This blog post will delve into the life of this influential figure, covering his early days, career milestones, personal life, and more.


Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr., also known as Skepta, is a trailblazer in the British hip hop and grime scene. As of 2024, he is 41 years old and hails from Tottenham, North London.

Born to Nigerian parents with Yoruba (paternal) and Igbo (maternal) backgrounds, he is the eldest of four siblings, including fellow musician Jme, radio presenter Julie, and graphic designer Jason.

Early Life and Education

Skepta’s journey began on 19 September 1982 when he was born to Nigerian parents in Tottenham, North London. Raised in a family with diverse cultural influences, his father had a Yoruba background, while his mother was of Igbo descent.

Growing up as the eldest of four siblings, Skepta, along with Jme, Julie, and Jason, experienced the richness of Nigerian heritage within the vibrant London backdrop.

Personal Life

As of 2024, he is a family man. He is married to the iconic singer Naomi Campbell, and together they have two children, a daughter and a son.

The couple announced their engagement in April 2019 and tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Morocco in October 2020.

Parents: Father and Mother

Skepta’s parents played a significant role in shaping his identity. His father, with a Yoruba background, and his mother, with an Igbo background, emigrated to London, where he was born.

Their journey reflects the cultural amalgamation that influenced Skepta’s artistry and worldview.

Siblings: Brother and Sister

The Adenuga family is a creative powerhouse, with Skepta’s younger brother Jme making waves in the music scene and his sister Julie excelling as a radio presenter.

Together, they form a talented trio contributing to the entertainment industry.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

Skepta’s impact extends beyond music, reflecting in an estimated net worth ranging from $2 million to $20 million.

This financial success is attributed to his flourishing music career, brand partnerships, and entrepreneurial ventures.

From hit singles like “Shutdown” with Drake to acclaimed albums like “Konnichiwa,” his influence in the British music industry is undeniable.

Background Informations

Full NameJoseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr.
Stage NamesSkepta, Skeppy, Big Smoke
Date of Birth19 September 1982
Age (as of 2024)41
Place of BirthTottenham, London, England
OccupationsRapper, Record Producer, Songwriter, DJ
Years Active2000–present
WifeNaomi Campbell
Children2 — Daughter and Son
RelativesJme (brother)
Julie Adenuga (sister)
GenresBritish Hip Hop, Grime
LabelsBoy Better Know, The Orchard, All Around the World, Island
Debut AlbumGreatest Hits (2007)
Notable AlbumKonnichiwa (2016)
Major AwardsMercury Prize (Konnichiwa)
Chieftaincy TitleAmuludun of Odo-Aje
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth (as of 2024)$2 million – $20 million
Skepta Biography

In Conclusion

Skepta’s journey from the streets of Tottenham to international stardom is a testament to his talent, resilience, and cultural roots.

As a family man, artist, and entrepreneur, Skepta continues to shape the landscape of British music and beyond.

Skepta Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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