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“Teslim Introduction” by Vector is a track featured in his album “Teslim: The Energy Still Lives In Me.” This song acts as an introduction to the album and opens with Bibi Rai’s voice.

It was released in 2022 and can be found on various platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where both the official video and audio versions are available.

Serving as a precursor to the album, the song establishes the mood and showcases Vector’s musical style and energy.

Vector – Teslim Introduction Lyrics

Vector Teslim Introduction Lyrics

What’s up world?
It’s your girl, BB Ray
Your favorite air sunshine even when the sun ain’t shining
Still kicking it here with the man of the hour VEC
Of course, it’s Vector and it is all about Teslim, the energy still lives in me
So Vector, with all the trials and the glows, what have you realize so far?

Verse 1
I realize baby mama drama is the worst part of being a father, uhn
And I should have been like Sound Sultan
If you sell my D, it would mean, my brother
And I wish these haters would get a me to end a me
If thеy would, I would turn the me to sawdust
‘Cause I bеlieve I got some goons with the gu-hmm and dem go plenty if you call us
I got this chick, she’s still racking any how
She a cougar, cougar, and she thinks I’m Freddie now
She wants me to be her king, say she go do me things
Anything?, she said “Anything”
Boy look, henny now
I’m like, wait ma
You gat a nice body so your age won’t matter
Just know a few moments from now, this page won’t matter
Meaning this way, if we know what we doing
From the beginning, we’ll be fine
But don’t expect me to be something that I wasn’t in the first place

Out here kicking it with me BB Ray and things are getting real right here with
Vector on this hot summers day
Speaking of hot, a lot of ladies seem to think that you’re just that
Now, I don’t know of you know, but you’re kind of like a sex symbol out here
But you’re not just that, are you?
Now you spoke about not expecting you to be something you’re not
Can you further elaborate?

You love fiction stories? then check out this one titled ‘My Call’

Verse 2
Meaning if we-, know what we doing, from the beginning, we’ll be fine
But don’t expect me to be something that I wasn’t in the first place
I’m making it known things, first base, first base, hmm
Oh, I forgot, look
That una yankee slang, dem no go understand
It’s my ghetto shanginsha or maybe sambisa
Boy research your pen and write about the things that people know
But what about all these other things that pop up in my brain
A lot of people I know just want to be entertained
They don’t really give a dahm about my feelings or my pain
And how I think when I loose it all
Going deep, should I test?
Going mind deep, deep, deep, deep, to the test
But I’m never scared
When I come across a hater
I’ve learnt how to be patient using that global combatant, boy I’ll be fine


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