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Meet Lynda James, The Wife of Tommy James – Tommy James, a famous American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, was born as Thomas Gregory Jackson on April 29, 1947.

Who Is Tommy James?

He is best known as the lead singer of the renowned 1960s rock band, Tommy James and the Shondells. The band gained fame with hits like “Mony Mony,” “Crimson and Clover,” and “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

Tommy James’ journey in the entertainment world started at a young age when he began his career as a child model at just four years old. At the age of twelve, in 1959, he formed a band called “The Echoes,” which later evolved into “Tom and the Tornadoes,” highlighting his early passion for music.

In 1964, the band underwent another name change, becoming “The Shondells.” They had the opportunity to record at WNIL Studios under the guidance of a local DJ named Jack Douglas, who had started his own record label called Snap Records.

One of their recorded tracks was “Hanky Panky,” originally created by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich and previously recorded by The Raindrops. Initially, the song achieved local success but lacked national promotion.

However, in 1965, it gained unexpected popularity in Pittsburgh dance clubs, thanks to a bootlegged version. The song quickly rose to the top of Pittsburgh radio charts in 1966. This sudden success led Tommy James to Pittsburgh, where he met Bob Mack and Chuck Rubin, key figures in the song’s rise to fame.

With “Hanky Panky” gaining momentum and recognition in music trade papers, they journeyed to New York City to secure a record deal. Their search took them to various major labels, but Roulette Records was the only option due to a legal dispute over ownership of the song.

Tommy James became the sole Shondell, and with the help of Bob Mack’s dance club bands, he formed a new lineup for the band. Performing with the house band, the Raconteurs, at the Thunderbird Lounge in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, marked the rebirth of the Shondells, and Tommy James adopted his professional name.

By June 1966, “Hanky Panky” reached the top of the charts at WLS. Just one month later, in July 1966, it became the number one single in the United States, solidifying Tommy James and the Shondells’ place in music history.

In February 2018, Tommy James started a new venture as the host of the radio program “Gettin Together with Tommy James” on Sirius XM Radio channel 73, 60s Gold, connecting with audiences through his enduring passion for music.

He has also appeared in late-night infomercials, offering collections of music from the Woodstock era, showcasing his continued influence in the entertainment world.

Meet Lynda James, The Wife of Tommy James

Meet Lynda James, The Wife of Tommy James

Tommy James and Lynda James shared a life together until her passing on February 23, 2022, after a prolonged illness. Their bond endured until her unfortunate departure.

While the exact date of their marriage remains a mystery, their paths first crossed in 1972 when Lynda worked as a booking agent at the Banner Talent Agency in New York City. Nevertheless, detailed information about the intricacies of their relationship remains somewhat elusive.


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