Meet Vladlen Tatarsky, whose real name is Maxim Yuryevich Fomin. Vladlen Tatarsky, also known as Maxim Yuryevich Fomin, was a Russian military blogger who was involved in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

He was also a convicted bank robber and a supporter of Russia and separatist forces in Ukraine. Unfortunately, he was killed in the 2023 Saint Petersburg bombing. Let’s check out his full biography and net worth below.

Vladlen Tatarsky Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Nationality, Wife, Occupation

Vladlen Tatarsky Biography

Maxim Yuryevich Fomin was born on April 25, 1982, in Makiivka, which was part of the Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet Union. He worked as a blogger and propagandist. Sadly, he died at the age of 40 due to a bomb explosion in Saint Petersburg, Russia on April 2, 2023.

Who Was Vladlen Tatarsky?

Vladlen Tatarsky was a blogger and propaganda figure who supported the Russo-Ukrainian War. He was born in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, and had both Ukrainian and Russian citizenship.

In 2011, he was imprisoned in Ukraine for bank robbery. When the war in Donbas began, he broke out of prison and joined the military of the Russia-backed Donetsk People’s Republic. Later, he was caught and imprisoned again.

Bank Robbery | Imprisonment

In 2011, Fomin was imprisoned in Ukraine for a bank robbery. However, when the war in Donbas broke out, he broke out of prison and joined the military of the Russia-backed Donetsk People’s Republic. Later, he was caught and imprisoned again.

Vladlen Tatarsky Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Ethnicity

Fighting in The War | Pardon

Fomin was pardoned by Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and was given the opportunity to fight against the Ukrainian army alongside the Vostok Battalion during the war in Donbas. His nom de guerre was “Professor”.

Blogging Career

After serving in the military, Fomin started blogging around 2017 under the pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky. He lived in Moscow from 2019 until his death in 2023.

Reflection on War | Controversy

Fomin contradicted the official Russian position that the Russian Federation was not involved militarily in mainland Ukraine before 2022 by writing that “thousands of Russian officers” had served in the region since October 2014.

Military Blogging | Political Shows

After serving in the military, he started blogging under the pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky. He was a prominent figure among the Russian military bloggers and had uncompromising support for the Russo-Ukrainian War. His popularity increased after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Tatarsky was known for his hardline views and criticised Russian military commanders and Vladimir Putin for being too soft in their approach. He was invited to political shows on state television.

Views on Ukrainian Infrastructure

As a blogger, Tatarsky called for more attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure which would result in more Ukrainian casualties. He regularly referred to Ukraine as a “terrorist state” and advocated for its defeat. [1]

Due to his views and involvement in the conflict, Tatarsky was sanctioned by Ukraine. He was banned from entering the country for ten years, and any assets belonging to him that were found in Ukraine were confiscated.

Vladlen Tatarsky Biography and Net Worth

Controversial Statements

Tatarsky made controversial statements such as “We’ll defeat everyone, we’ll kill everyone, we’ll rob everyone we need to. Everything will be the way we like it.”

The video was recorded at the Kremlin, to which Tatarsky had been invited to attend Putin’s announcement of “partial mobilization” on 30 September 2022. Tatarsky also produced jihadist propaganda for the pro-war cause.

What Happened to Tatarsky?

On April 2, 2023, Tatarsky was killed in an explosion while speaking at an event in a cafe in Saint Petersburg. The cafe was owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with close ties to the Kremlin. Twenty-four others were injured. A Saint Petersburg resident, Darya Trepova, was arrested and charged with the attack.

What Were the Reactions?

Some Russian media personalities blamed Ukraine for the attack, while others attributed it to Russia. The Institute for the Study of War suggested that the bombing may have been intended to intimidate critics of the war or to control the information space. Putin posthumously awarded Tatarsky the Russian state Order of Courage.

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