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Aisha Yesufu, a Nigerian activist, co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, has gained recognition for her notable contributions.

In 2020, she was listed among the BBC’s 100 most influential women globally, received the Voice of Humanity Award from Guardian Newspapers, and was honored with the Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti Human Rights Award.

Yesufu is also the founder of Citizens Hub, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial literacy education for all citizens, aiming to build a better society.

Known for her natural and persuasive speaking style, Yesufu has the ability to energize and inspire individuals to work collaboratively towards common goals.

Who Is Aisha Yesufu?

Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu, born on 12 December 1973 in Kano State, Nigeria, is a renowned Nigerian activist and businesswoman.

Her impactful work has left an indelible mark, co-founding the #BringBackOurGirls movement and actively participating in the End SARS movement against police brutality in Nigeria.


Aisha Somtochukwu Yusufu, at the age of 50 as of 2024, hails from Agbede in Edo State. Her activism has not only been confined to Nigeria but has gained international recognition.

She is a passionate advocate for justice, making significant contributions to societal issues. Born in Kano State, Nigeria, Aisha’s journey began on 12 December 1973.

State of Origin and Tribe

Her roots trace back to Agbede in Edo State, revealing a diverse cultural background. She is originally from Edo State, Nigeria and Igbo by tribe, while believe Islam.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in a patriarchal environment in Kano State, Aisha Yesufu faced the challenges of being a girl. Despite societal norms, her love for books paved the way for her educational journey.

Rejected by the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1991 due to her gender, Aisha Yesufu persevered, ultimately graduating with a degree in microbiology from Bayero University Kano.


Aisha’s activism is marked by her fearless approach to addressing national issues.

Notable for co-founding the #BringBackOurGirls movement, she has been a vocal force against Boko Haram’s atrocities and a key figure in the End SARS movement, advocating against police brutality.


Following the abduction of 276 schoolgirls by Boko Haram in 2014, Aisha Yesufu, alongside Oby Ezekwesili, co-founded the #BringBackOurGirls movement, bringing global attention to the cause.


Aisha’s involvement in the End SARS movement, starting in 2017, highlights her commitment to addressing police brutality in Nigeria. Her iconic image wearing a hijab became a symbol of the movement.

Aisha Yesufu Net Worth (as of 2024)

While Aisha’s net worth remains undisclosed, her impact extends beyond financial measures. As the CEO of Aliyyah & Amir Ventures Limited, she is actively involved in general merchandise, distribution, and trading of raw materials.

Aisha Yesufu With Her Husband, 	Aliu Osigwe Yesufu

Personal Life

In 1998, Aisha married Aliu Osigwe Yesufu, a Chartered Accountant. They share a family with two children, Amir and Alliyyah.

Aisha’s husband, Aliu, is described as an amazing husband and father, contributing to their family’s love, respect, and regard for others.

Aisha Yesufu Family: Husband and Children

Background Informations

Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu
Date of Birth:12 December 1973
Place of Birth:Kano State, Nigeria
State of Origin:Agbede, Edo State
Occupation:Businesswoman and Activist
Notable Movements:#BringBackOurGirls, End SARS
Spouse:Aliu Osigwe Yesufu
Children:2 (Amir and Alliyyah)
Awards:BBC’s 100 Women in 2020 Top 100 Most Influential Africans by New African Magazine Martin Luther King Award
Aisha Yesufu Biography

In Conclusion

Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu’s journey is one of resilience, courage, and unwavering commitment to social justice.

Her contributions to the #BringBackOurGirls and End SARS movements have solidified her place as a prominent figure not only in Nigeria but globally. Aisha’s story continues to inspire change, reflecting the power of activism and determination.

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