Amaju Pinnick: The Influential Nigerian Football Figure

In the dynamic world of Nigerian football, Amaju Melvin Pinnick stands as a prominent figure. His remarkable journey in football administration, marked by achievements and challenges, has left an indelible mark.

In this biography, we’ll delve into the life and career of Amaju Pinnick, from his early days to his significant contributions to the football world.

Amaju Pinnick Biography

Amaju Melvin Pinnick, born on December 1, 1970, has been a key player in Nigerian football. His leadership as the President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) from 2014 to 2022 marked an era of transformation in Nigerian football.

Pinnick’s journey in football administration began when he assumed the role of Chair of the Delta Sports Commission in 2010, followed by his appointment as the Chair of Delta State Football Association in 2011.

Age and Date of Birth

Amaju Pinnick was born on December 1, 1970.

State of Origin and Tribe

He hails from Delta State, Nigeria. While his specific tribal affiliation is not mentioned, his roots in Delta State are significant.

Personal Life

Details about Amaju Pinnick’s parents are not available in the provided information. Information about his siblings were not made available during ur findings.

Education Background

Amaju Pinnick holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Benin. His educational background reflects his diverse interests beyond football.

Meet His Wife and Children

Amaju Pinnick is married to Julie Pinnick, with whom he shares four children. Although their ages are not disclosed, this family connection adds a personal touch to his biography.


Pinnick’s career in football administration soared when he was elected as the President of the NFF in September 2014, securing re-election in 2018.

His tenure witnessed significant developments, including the passage of the Nigeria Football Federation Bill, a pivotal moment for Nigerian football.

Beyond the national stage, Pinnick was actively involved in international football organizations, serving on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Executive Committee and as the First Vice President of CAF.

His most notable achievement came in March 2021 when he secured a seat in the FIFA Council, the highest decision-making body in world football. Pinnick’s journey was not without its share of challenges.

In 2016, a court invalidated the 2014 NFF Presidential election, leading to a dispute. Allegations of fraud and a court order requesting charges against him in connection with an alleged FIFA grant scandal added complexity to his tenure.

Amaju Pinnick Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, State of Origin, Tribe, Children, Education, Occupation
📸 Photo source: BellaNaija – Court Sacks NFF Boss Amaju Pinnick & Entire Board, Orders Christopher Giwa to Take Over | NFF Says no cause for Alarm

Net Worth

Amaju Pinnick’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to various sources. This reflects his multifaceted involvement in football and business.


Allegations of Fraud in Nigerian Football: A Closer Look

In January 2019, Allegations Surface

On January 5, 2019, numerous news outlets reported allegations of fraud within the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

These reports also suggested that Amaju Pinnick, the president of the NFF, was placed on a travel ban by the Department of State Security while an investigation, ordered by former President Muhammadu Buhari, was underway.

However, the Presidency of Nigeria issued a press release on January 6, 2019, refuting any claims of arrest or travel restrictions on the NFF president.

The $8.4 Million Fraud Saga

Fast forward to May 2, 2019, when a Nigerian court demanded that the NFF provide the chargesheet related to Amaju Pinnick and an alleged FIFA grant scandal.

On May 7, 2019, the Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property filed a 17-count charge against several NFF officials, including Pinnick, Seyi Akinwunmi, Shehu Dikko, Ahmed Yusuf, and Mohammed Sanusi.

These charges accused them of misappropriating $8.4 million, which FIFA had paid to the NFF as an appearance fee during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Additionally, Pinnick faced charges for not disclosing his assets in accordance with the Code of Conduct Bureau Act.

In response to these allegations, the NFF argued that their audited accounts, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, were publicly available.

They emphasized that FIFA had exclusive authority to investigate and pass judgment on the conduct of individuals under their code of ethics regarding funds.

Furthermore, they revealed that they had filed a petition challenging the accusations in the Federal High Court in Abuja.

In Conclusion

Amaju Melvin Pinnick’s contributions to Nigerian football and international football governance have left an enduring legacy.

His journey, marked by achievements and obstacles, showcases his dedication to the beautiful game and his impact on the footballing world.

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