Anthony Pratt Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Origin, Ethnicity, Career, Height

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Anthony Pratt Biography: A Closer Look at the Australian Billionaire

In the world of business and industry, there are few names that stand out quite like Anthony Joseph Pratt. He has made a significant mark on the global stage, particularly in the realms of packaging and paper manufacturing.

In this detailed biography, we’ll delve into the life of Anthony Pratt, exploring his personal history, career achievements, family, and more. So, let’s begin our journey into the fascinating life of Anthony Pratt.

Anthony Pratt Biography

Anthony Pratt was born on April 11, 1960, in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. His journey towards success began with a solid educational foundation.

He pursued his Bachelor of Economics (Hons) at Monash University, Melbourne, and graduated in 1982. This educational background laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Cultural Identity and Origin

One aspect of Anthony Pratt’s identity that holds significance is his cultural heritage. He identifies as Jewish, a testament to the diversity of Australia’s cultural tapestry.

Age and Parents

As of now, Anthony Pratt is 63 years old. His family background is equally intriguing. Born in Melbourne to Victoria, he is the son of Richard Pratt (né Przecicki) and Jeanne Pratt AC. Both of his parents were Polish-Jewish immigrants, adding a unique dimension to his family heritage.


In 2015, Forbes highlighted the immense wealth of Pratt, separate from that of his two sisters, Fiona Geminder and Heloise Waislitz. The Pratt family’s impact on various industries is truly remarkable.


Despite his global success, Anthony Pratt proudly identifies as an Australian. His contributions to the business world have not diminished his connection to his home country.


Pratt’s career took a decisive turn when he became involved in the packaging industry. He is the Executive Chairman of Visy Industries and Pratt Industries in America.

Notably, Pratt Industries is recognized as the world’s largest privately owned packaging and paper company. This accomplishment is a testament to his visionary leadership and business acumen.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

Anthony Pratt is not just a successful businessman but also a dedicated philanthropist. He serves as a trustee of the Pratt Foundation, established in 1978 by his late father, Richard Pratt, and Jeanne Pratt AC.

The foundation makes substantial annual donations, furthering the cause of charitable endeavors. Moreover, Pratt’s commitment extends to international causes.

He sits on the National Board of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, and actively participates in charity organizations in both Australia and the United States. His efforts in arranging Muhammad Ali’s visit to Australia are a testament to his dedication to charity.

Business Expansion and Growth

Pratt’s career trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. He started at McKinsey & Co, a management consulting firm, in 1982, before joining Visy as a joint General Manager. His journey took him to the United States in 1988, where he spearheaded the expansion of the company.

Over the next 15 years, Pratt Industries grew exponentially, thanks to greenfield initiatives and acquisitions. Company revenues soared from US$100 million in 1991 to an impressive US$3 billion by 2016.

Taxation and Business Ventures

In 2016, it came to light that despite revenues exceeding $2.5 billion in 2013-14, Pratt Consolidated Holdings had not paid any taxes. This raised eyebrows and led to discussions about tax practices in the business world.

Involvement in High-Profile Events

Anthony Pratt’s influence extends to high-profile events. In 2017, he attended Vice President Mike Pence’s business roundtable at the Vice President’s official residence in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, he became a member of Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s private Florida club. His family divides their time between New York City and Melbourne.

Support for the Food Industry

Pratt’s commitment to the food industry is evident through his sponsorship of The Wall Street Journal’s inaugural U.S.-based Global Food Forum in October 2016. This forum aimed to address critical issues in the global food industry.

Anthony Pratt Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Origin, Ethnicity, Career, Height
📸 Photo source: The Australian – Anthony Pratt: From Zoom to boom time | The Australian

Personal Life

On a personal note, Anthony Pratt is a married man. His wife, Claudine Revere, has been a significant part of his life. Their union has brought two children into the world, and Pratt’s time is divided between Melbourne and New York.

Net Worth

As of 2019, according to Forbes, Anthony Pratt’s net worth was estimated at an impressive US$6.8 billion.

His family’s combined wealth was even higher, according to the Financial Review Rich List 2019, at A$15 billion.

His wealth continued to grow over the years, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the world of business and industry.

In Conclusion

Anthony Pratt’s journey from Melbourne to global recognition as a billionaire businessman is a testament to his vision, dedication, and hard work.

His contributions to the packaging and paper industry, along with his philanthropic endeavors, make him a remarkable figure in both the business world and the realm of charitable giving.

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