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In recent news, William “Bill” Joseph Moffitt, popularly known as, Bill Moffitt passed away on October 14, 2022, at Cornerstone Hospice at the remarkable age of 92.

Known as a prominent criminal defense lawyer and the former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Moffitt was recognized for his advocacy in the realm of civil rights. Notably, Holy Family University has appointed C. William (Bill) Moffitt to its Board of Trustees.

Moffitt, a crusader for civil rights, left a lasting legacy in the legal field. His contributions as a criminal defense lawyer and leadership in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers earned him respect and admiration.

Additionally, Holy Family University’s decision to include him on its Board of Trustees underscores Moffitt’s influence and expertise. The passing of William Joseph Moffitt marks the end of an era in the legal community.

His dedication to civil rights and his impactful role in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will be remembered. Holy Family University’s recognition of Moffitt’s value through his appointment to the Board of Trustees further emphasizes his significance in various spheres.

As we reflect on Moffitt’s life and contributions, it is evident that his legacy will endure, leaving a lasting impact on the legal and academic realms.

Introduction to Bill Moffitt Biography

Bill Moffitt, born on April 8, 1918, in the scenic state of Montana, was more than just a former Long Beach City College basketball player.

His life unfolded as a compelling narrative, shaped by his experiences in World War II, his dedicated service with the Long Beach Fire Department for 35 years, and his unexpected role as a scout for the Milwaukee Brewers.

This article delves into the rich tapestry of Bill Moffitt’s life, exploring key facets such as his early years, career, net worth, personal life, and familial connections.


Age, Birthplace, Nationality, and Occupation

Bill Moffitt’s journey began in Montana, United States. At the time of his birth on April 8, 1918, the world was on the brink of significant historical events.

As an American national of white ethnicity, Moffitt’s life was deeply intertwined with the patriotic spirit of his nation.

His occupation as a firefighter became not just a job but a testament to his commitment to protecting his community.

Early Life and Education

Moffitt’s early life was marked by the values instilled in him during his formative years. Growing up in Montana, he imbibed the essence of American life, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Although specific details about his education are not available, it is evident that Moffitt’s journey was guided by a strong sense of duty.


Bill Moffitt’s professional journey took a courageous turn when he served in the Navy during World War II. The war left an indelible mark on him, shaping his character and instilling in him the resilience needed for a life of service.

Following the war, Moffitt dedicated 35 years to the Long Beach Fire Department, where his heroism extended beyond the battlefield to the heart of his community. Additionally, his unexpected stint as a scout for the Milwaukee Brewers added a unique chapter to his storied career.

Net Worth

While Moffitt’s net worth remains unknown, his years of service as a firefighter undoubtedly provided a stable living.

His commitment to duty and his contributions to the community went beyond monetary value, making him a wealth of inspiration for future generations of firefighters.

Personal Life

Marriage and Family

Bill Moffitt’s personal life was intertwined with love, family, and commitment.

He was married to Betty Moffitt (nee Jerman), and together they raised two children, a daughter named Billie Jean King and a son named Randy Moffitt.

The bonds forged within Moffitt’s family mirrored the strength and resilience he displayed throughout his life.

Parents and Siblings

While specific details about Moffitt’s parents and siblings are not available, his life story undoubtedly bears the influence of the relationships that shaped his early years.

The absence of detailed information about his familial ties adds an air of mystery to Moffitt’s background, inviting readers to appreciate the complexity of his journey.


Bill Moffitt’s life was a testament to bravery, service, and familial bonds. From the basketball courts of Long Beach City College to the fire stations of Long Beach and his unexpected role in baseball scouting, Moffitt’s legacy endures as a symbol of resilience.

As we unravel the layers of his biography, we find not just a firefighter, but a hero who left an indelible mark on the pages of history.

Bill Moffitt Biography, Net Worth, Age, Spouse, Children, Relationship, Parents, Family

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