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Biography of Master KG

Kgaogelo Moagi, known professionally as Master KG, is a talented South African musician and record producer. He was born on 31 January 1996 in Tzaneen, Republic of South Africa, making him 27 years old.

Master KG has made a significant impact in the music world, particularly in the genres of Electro, Afropop, and House. Growing up in Calais Village in Limpopo, Master KG’s musical journey began at a young age.

He started playing around with music beats when he was just thirteen, using a computer that his late uncle had gifted him. His passion for music continued to grow, leading him to collaborate with DJ Maebela and experiment with music software, specifically FL Studio.

In 2016, after honing his skills through practice, Master KG released his debut single “Situation.” This marked the beginning of his music career, and he didn’t stop there.

He signed with Open Mic Productions and went on to release the chart-topping track “Skeleton Move” featuring Zanda Zakuza. This track, sung in the local language Khelobedu, garnered a lot of attention and set the stage for his rise.

Master KG’s breakthrough came with his debut studio album “Skeleton Move,” which dropped on 21 September 2018. The album featured collaborations with artists like Zanda Zakuza, Makhadzi, and Team Mosha.

Notably, Master KG’s music extends beyond his home country, as he has performed in various nations, including Zambia. In December 2019, he released “Jerusalema,” a song that would take the world by storm.

Featuring Nomcebo Zikode, this track achieved viral success in mid-2020 and even received a remix featuring Burna Boy. The music video for “Jerusalema” faced a brief takedown from YouTube but was swiftly restored.

The song’s popularity earned Master KG several awards, including the MTV Europe Music Awards and NJR Music Awards in France. Master KG’s talent continued to shine, and in 2021, he collaborated with David Guetta and Akon on the single “Shine Your Light.”

Additionally, he embarked on the Jerusalem Live Concert Tour in the United Kingdom to support his album. His journey in the music industry also intertwined with his personal life, as he rekindled his relationship with musician Makhadzi.

Master KG’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create infectious music has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music scene.

His contributions to the Electro, Afropop, and House genres have left an indelible mark, and his journey is one that continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Is Master KG Married? Master KG Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage, Wife, Children, Partner
📸 Photo: Zimoja Lezinto – Is Master KG Married

Is Master KG Married? Master KG Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage, Wife, Children, Partner

Master KG, a well-known personality in the music industry, is currently in a relationship with Makhadzi, another talented artist hailing from Limpopo.

Their romantic journey has been a blend of consistent togetherness and occasional moments of being apart over the span of several years.

Recent speculations indicate that their relationship might be facing some challenges. Stay tuned for further updates on this captivating narrative.

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