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Billie Jean King, a former professional tennis player, stands out not only for her achievements on the court but also for her advocacy in gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

Her influence extends beyond tennis, as she actively engages in various social and political issues. Recently, Sports Illustrated honored her with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, recognizing her significant contributions.

Notably, Lindsay Davenport is set to take over as the U.S. captain for the Billie Jean King Cup, succeeding Kathy Rinaldi after this year’s competition. In addition to her on-court success, Billie Jean King authored a memoir titled “All In,” delving into her tennis career and activism.

Introduction to Billie Jean King Biography

Billie Jean King, born as Billie Jean Moffitt on November 22, 1943, is an iconic American figure renowned for her exceptional tennis career and her unwavering commitment to gender equality.

This comprehensive blog post explores her remarkable journey, from her early life to becoming a global advocate for social justice.


Billie Jean King’s life is a testament to her extraordinary achievements in the world of tennis and beyond. Born in Long Beach, California, she emerged as a dominant force in tennis, securing an impressive 39 Grand Slam titles, with notable victories in singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

Early Life and Education

Billie Jean Moffitt’s journey began in a conservative Methodist family. Her parents, Betty and Bill Moffitt, instilled athleticism in her from a young age.

Excelling in various sports, including baseball and softball, Billie Jean transitioned to tennis at 11, a decision that marked the beginning of her unparalleled tennis career.


Billie Jean King’s tennis journey spans over six decades, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and championing gender equality. Here’s a closer look at her extraordinary achievements:

Early Triumphs (1959-1968)

  • Billie Jean turned professional in 1959 at 16, securing her first Wimbledon doubles title in 1960.
  • Her first Grand Slam singles victory came at Wimbledon in 1966, defeating Maria Bueno.
  • By 1968, she had clinched 12 Grand Slam singles titles, completing a career Grand Slam.

Dominance and Advocacy (1967-1973)

  • Billie Jean became the world No. 1 ranked player in 1967, holding the position for five years.
  • In 1973, she founded the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) to advocate for gender equality in tennis.
  • The iconic “Battle of the Sexes” match against Bobby Riggs in 1973 garnered 90 million viewers, highlighting gender equality in sports.

Continued Success and Activism (1974-2014)

  • Throughout the ’70s, she continued winning Grand Slam titles, adding four more to her collection.
  • Billie Jean became the first president of the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1974, supporting female athletes.
  • In 1981, she came out as a lesbian, becoming a vocal LGBTQ+ rights advocate.
  • The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, founded in 2014, promotes diversity and inclusion in sports and business.

Legacy Beyond Tennis

  • Billie Jean won a record 39 Grand Slam titles and held the No. 1 ranking for 399 weeks.
  • Her accolades include the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009) and induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame (1983).

Billie Jean King’s impact extends far beyond tennis, championing gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and social justice. Her story serves as a powerful testament to perseverance and the fight for what’s right, inspiring generations worldwide.

Billie Jean King Net Worth

As of 2024, Billie Jean King’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million, a testament to her successful tennis career, endorsement deals, and entrepreneurial ventures.

From earning $1.9 million in prize money during her tennis career to becoming a minority owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, King’s financial success reflects her multifaceted contributions to the sports industry.

Billie Jean King Personal Life

Beyond the tennis court, Billie Jean’s personal life has been marked by courage and authenticity. Married to Larry King in 1965, she credits him with introducing her to feminism.

However, in 1987, her marriage ended, and Billie Jean found love with her doubles partner, Ilana Kloss. Their marriage in 2018 marked a significant chapter in her personal journey.

Parents and Siblings

Billie Jean’s family played a pivotal role in shaping her athletic prowess. Raised in a Methodist household, her parents’ influence and her brother Randy’s success in Major League Baseball underscore the Moffitt family’s commitment to sports.

Billie Jean King Father and Mother

Billie Jean King’s father was Bill Moffitt, and her mother was Betty Moffitt (née Jerman). She was born into a conservative Methodist family in Long Beach, California.

Billie Jean King Awards, Honors, and Tributes

Billie Jean King, a tennis icon, has garnered praise from fellow players and earned numerous awards and honors throughout her illustrious career. In this article, we’ll explore the tributes she received and the recognition that cements her legacy.

Tributes from Fellow Players:

  1. Margaret Court’s Acclaim: Margaret Court, with the most Grand Slam titles, hails King as “the greatest competitor.”
  2. Chris Evert’s Perspective: Chris Evert, winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, considers King a wise mentor and a visionary.

Awards and Honors:

  1. 1967 – AP Female Athlete of the Year: King was honored as the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year in 1967.
  2. 1972 – Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year: She made history as the first female athlete named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 1972.
  3. Lifetime Achievements: King’s contributions to tennis and society led to her induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987 and being named one of the “100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century” by Life magazine in 1990.

Recognition and Achievements:

  1. Presidential Medal of Freedom: President Barack Obama awarded King the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 for her advocacy work.
  2. Billie Jean King Cup: The Fed Cup was renamed the Billie Jean King Cup in 2020, a testament to her impact on women’s tennis.
  3. Legion of Honour: In June 2022, King received the French Legion of Honour, commemorating the 50th anniversary of her French Open victory.

Legacy and Impact:

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame: King earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to sports entertainment.
  2. Billie Jean King Sports Complex: Cal State LA’s athletic facility bears her name, showcasing her influence on and off the court.

Playing Style and Personality

Billie Jean King, a tennis legend, began her tennis journey on the public courts of Long Beach, California, under the guidance of her coach, Clyde Walker. The Los Angeles Tennis Club played a crucial role in advancing her tennis career.

Known for her aggressive and hard-hitting net-rushing style, King’s speed on the court was exceptional. However, tennis great Chris Evert pointed out her impatience as a weakness.

In reflecting on her motivations in both life and tennis, King expressed being a perfectionist, emphasizing the joy of hitting a shot correctly.

She highlighted the challenges women face, needing to be aggressive and tough, but lamented that the press often fails to see their multidimensional nature.

In a 1984 interview, shortly after turning 40, King reminisced about the peak of her career as the No. 1 player, considering it the best time of her life. Her only regret was being pulled away from focusing solely on tennis due to off-court commitments.

Colleagues like Julie Heldman and Kristien Shaw shared insights into King’s personality. Heldman admired King’s ability to channel everything into winning, making her a consummate tennis player. Shaw observed King’s guarded nature, advising never to reveal true emotions to avoid appearing weak.

King herself reflected on the qualities of a champion tennis player, emphasizing the importance of confidence, especially in handling one’s weaknesses under pressure. She believed champions not only excel in critical moments but also manage their weaknesses effectively.

Billie Jean King Biography, Net Worth, Age, Spouse, Kids, Relationship, Parents, Family

In Conclusion

Billie Jean King’s life story transcends tennis, symbolizing resilience, advocacy, and the pursuit of equality.

From her groundbreaking achievements on the court to her unwavering commitment to social justice, she remains an inspiration for generations to come.

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