Meet Bob Ross Family: Bob Ross Wife, Children, Marriage, Relationships, Spouse, Partner

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Bob Ross Family: Exploring His Personal Life, Marriage, Children, and Relationships

Get to know the personal side of Bob Ross – his loving family, wife, children, marriage, and the meaningful relationships that shaped the life of the beloved painter and TV host. Discover the man behind the canvas.

Biography of Bob Ross

Robert Norman Ross, the famous American painter and television host, was born on October 29, 1942, in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. Unfortunately, he passed away on July 4, 1995, in Orlando, Florida, due to complications from lymphoma.

Ross, who was a smoker for most of his life, faced various health issues that ultimately led to his untimely death at the age of 52. Ross was an American citizen born in Daytona, Florida.

His life was relatively short but impactful, with his birthdate of October 29, 1942, and his passing on July 4, 1995, making him 52 years old at the time of his death. Standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 85 kilograms, Ross had a distinctive presence.

He was born to parents Ollie Ross and Jack Ross and had a stepbrother named Jim. Ross’s educational journey was cut short when he dropped out of high school during the 9th grade to help his father in his carpentry shop.

His passion for painting blossomed during his 20-year tenure in the Air Force when he took an art class at the U.S.O. club in Anchorage. Ross often clashed with his painting professors, who favored abstract art.

Ross stumbled upon the “wet-on-wet” painting technique, also known as alla prima, through the television program “The Magic of Oil Painting,” hosted by German painter Bill Alexander.

This technique allowed him to complete a painting in just thirty minutes. Inspired by this, Ross began painting Alaskan landscapes on gold-mining pans, which he successfully sold.

His art sales eventually surpassed his military income, leading him to leave the Air Force in 1981. Ross then became a salesman and instructor for Alexander’s “Alexander Magic Art Supplies Company.”

Annette Kowalski, who attended one of Ross’s sessions in Clearwater, Florida, convinced him that he could thrive on his own. This marked the beginning of Ross’s journey as a beloved TV personality.

Ross’s iconic permed hair, initially a personal quirk, became part of his brand logo. In 1982, a pilot of his art class was broadcast by a station in Falls Church, Virginia, which garnered interest from 60 PBS stations.

He was brought to Muncie, Indiana, in 1983 by PBS station WIPB, where he enjoyed creative freedom and built strong relationships with the staff. Even after returning to his Florida home in 1989, he continued visiting Muncie every three months to record his show.

Ross claimed he did the show for free and earned money through instructional books, videos, and art supplies. Reruns of his program, which aired from January 11, 1983, to May 17, 1994, are still broadcast in various markets and countries, including the Create network and Hulu.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BBC in the United Kingdom aired reruns of his programs, providing solace to those confined to their homes.

Ross was known for his unique style, demonstrating the rapid “wet-on-wet” oil painting technique, creating scenes directly from his imagination in real-time without sketches. He simplified the painting process, making it easy for viewers to follow.

Ross’s calm and gentle voice contrasted with his colleague Fred Rogers, the host of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” as noted by artist and art critic Mira Schor.

With the support of Annette and Walt Kowalski, Ross established Bob Ross Inc., a company valued at $15 million. This company expanded to include classes taught by artists trained in his techniques.

Ross utilized his TV program to promote various painting materials and class materials, amassing an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Meet Bob Ross Family: Bob Ross Wife, Children, Marriage, Relationships, Spouse, Partner

Meet Bob Ross Family: Bob Ross Wife, Children, Marriage, Relationships, Spouse, Partner

Bob Ross, the famous painter, led a rather private personal life, marked by three marriages and two children. Let’s delve into the details. His first wife was Vivian Ridge, and they had a son named Robert Stephen “Steve” Ross.

You might recognize Steve from his occasional appearances on “The Joy of Painting.” Interestingly, Steve also became a certified instructor in the Ross style of painting. Moving on to Bob’s second wife, he was married to Jane Lee Zanardelli Ross.

Lastly, Bob Ross’s third marriage was to Lynda Brown. Remarkably, they tied the knot just two months before his unfortunate passing. Bob Ross valued his privacy greatly, which is why he rarely discussed his personal life.

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