Boss Mustapha Biography, Net Worth, State of Origin, Religion, Tribe, Wife, Children, Education Background

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Let’s look into the Inspiring Journey of Boss Mustapha

Explore the remarkable life of Boss Mustapha, a dedicated Nigerian lawyer and politician.

Boss Mustapha Biography

Born in the scenic village of Garaha, nestled within the Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Boss Mustapha’s life story is a testament to unwavering dedication to public service.

In this article, we’ll delve into the life and career of Boss Mustapha, whose full name is Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha. From his early days to his rise in Nigerian politics and his family life, this article offers a comprehensive look at this prominent figure.

Early Life

Boss Mustapha, the esteemed Nigerian lawyer and politician, came into the world in 1956. Although the exact date of his birth remains a well-kept secret, we do know that he celebrated his 67th birthday in 2023.

Boss Mustapha’s early life finds its roots in the serene village of Garaha in Adamawa State. This picturesque place served as the backdrop for his formative years, shaping the man he would become.

Education Background

Mustapha’s journey of knowledge acquisition began at a local level. He attended primary school in Hong, Adamawa, and continued his education at the Northeast College of Arts and Sciences in Maiduguri, Borno State, graduating in 1976.

His pursuit of higher education led him to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, where he obtained his Bachelor of Law (LL.B) in 1979.

He then successfully completed his legal education at the Nigeria Law School in Lagos, culminating in his call to the Nigerian Bar in 1980.

Notably, Boss Mustapha fulfilled his mandatory one-year national service between 1980 and 1981, a testament to his commitment to his country.

Meet His Family

While specific details about Boss Mustapha’s family background are not readily available to the public, it is clear that he holds a special place in his heart for his family.

Boss Mustapha Religion

Boss Mustapha’s personal life is deeply rooted in his Christian faith, and his active role in the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International Nigeria reflects his unwavering commitment to his beliefs.

Professional Career

Boss Mustapha’s professional journey began as a Counsel at Messrs Onagoruwa & Co in Lagos in 1983. Before that, he briefly worked with the Italian consultancy firm Sotesa Nigeria Limited.

In 1994, he established his own law practice firm, Messrs Mustapha & Associates, where he served as its Principal Counsel until 2000.

Subsequently, he worked at another law firm, Adriot Lex & Co, where he served as the Principal Consultant from 2000 to 2006.

Mustapha’s extensive legal background eventually paved the way for his involvement in politics.

Political Journey

Boss Mustapha’s political journey dates back to the 1980s when he was a member of the Constituent Assembly between 1988 and 1989.

During this time, he played a pivotal role in drafting the Constitution of the Third Nigerian Republic.

Subsequently, he served as the state chairman of the Peoples Solidarity Party (PSP) in defunct Gongola State in 1989.

However, the party was disbanded along with several others by military head of state General Ibrahim Babangida.

Between 1990 and 1991, Boss Mustapha assumed the role of Adamawa state chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

In 1991, he ran for the Adamawa State governorship under the party, though he was not successful in securing the position.

In 2000, Mustapha was a member of the presidential committee tasked by President Olusegun Obasanjo to investigate the activities of the Petroleum Trust Fund under Muhammadu Buhari.

He also served as the deputy director-general for the presidential campaign of then Vice President Atiku Abubakar during the 2007 presidential election.

Mustapha’s political journey saw him serve as the deputy national chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, which later merged with other parties to form the All-Progressives Congress (APC) in anticipation of Nigeria’s 2015 general elections.

Boss Mustapha Biography, Net Worth, State of Origin, Religion, Tribe, Wife, Children, Education Background

Wife and Children

While specific details about his wife and children are not publicly available, it’s evident that his family holds a significant place in his life.

State of Origin and Tribe

Boss Mustapha hails from Garaha, a village located in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State in the Northeastern region of Nigeria.

He proudly identifies as Kilba by tribe, representing the rich cultural diversity of his homeland.

Net Worth

Though concrete figures about Boss Mustapha’s net worth are not readily available, it is estimated to be around $4 million.

This estimation serves as a testament to his successful career and invaluable contributions to various sectors, from law to politics.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha
  • Born: 1956 in Garaha, Hong Local Government Area
  • State of Origin: Adamawa State, Nigeria
  • Age (as of 2023): 67 years old
  • Tribe: Kilba
  • Religion: Christian
  • Net Worth: $4 million Est.

In Conclusion

Boss Mustapha’s life story is a tale of commitment, dedication, and service to his country. From his humble beginnings in Garaha to his impactful career in law and politics, Mustapha’s journey is an inspiration to all.

As a devoted Christian and active member of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International Nigeria, he remains a remarkable figure, contributing to both his faith and his nation.

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