Chef Dammy Biography, State of Origin, Cookathon, Age, Date of Birth, Education Background, Family, Married

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📸 Source: Punch Newspaper - Chef Damilola Adeparusi

Following the remarkable achievement of Chef Hilda Baci in her 100-hour cook-a-thon, another talented chef, Chef Dammy, has set her sights on surpassing Hilda’s record.

With determination and a passion for culinary excellence, Damilola is aiming to make history by breaking the Guinness Book of Records for the longest cooking time.

In this article, we will delve into Chef Dammy’s biography, exploring her background, personal life, and culinary journey.

Chef Dammy Biography

While details about Chef Dammy’s early life and family background are not provided, it is evident that she possesses an unwavering passion for the culinary arts.

Her journey as a chef began with the establishment of her own catering service called Damilola Kitchen, showcasing her determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Age and Date of Birth

Unfortunately, the specific age and date of birth for Chef Dammy are not provided in the available information. But she should be in her 20’s born in the 1990’s.

State of Origin and Place of Birth

Chef Dammy hails from the beautiful state of Ekiti in Nigeria, known for its rich cultural heritage and agricultural abundance. The exact place of her birth within Ekiti State is not mentioned in the available information.

Education Background

Chef Dammy is currently a 300-level Mass Communication undergraduate at the Federal University of Oye Ekiti. This demonstrates her commitment to pursuing both her academic and culinary aspirations, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in the field of communication.

Personal Life: Is Chef Dammy Married?

As of the available information, there is no mention of Chef Dammy’s marital status or personal relationships. Thus, it is unclear whether she is married or in a committed relationship.

However, the focus of her current endeavor to break the cooking record suggests that her professional pursuits are currently at the forefront of her life.


Chef Dammy has carved a niche for herself in the culinary world through her passion for cooking and dedication to her craft.

She has garnered attention and acclaim for her skills as a chef, leading to appearances as a guest speaker on popular cooking shows.

With her experience and expertise, Damilola has made significant contributions to the culinary landscape, inspiring others with her talent and determination.

Cookathon | Guinnes World Record

Chef Dammy’s latest venture revolves around breaking the Guinness Book of Records for the longest cooking time. Following in the footsteps of Chef Hilda Baci’s record-breaking achievement, Damilola aims to surpass the 100-hour mark.

As of June 9, 2023, she has already embarked on this ambitious journey, cooking for over 20 hours and counting. Her determination and passion have captured the attention and support of the public, as she strives to leave her mark in culinary history.

Five Things to Know About Chef Dammy

Chef Dammy, fondly known as Chef Damilola Adeparusi, possesses a diverse range of talents. Besides her culinary prowess, she is also a poet, songwriter, and editor. These creative abilities add depth and uniqueness to her overall persona.

Academic Pursuits

Alongside her culinary career, Damilola is pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at the Federal University of Oye Ekiti. This academic pursuit showcases her commitment to personal growth and the development of her communication skills.

Curiosity and Love for Learning

Chef Dammy’s vivacious curiosity is evident in her social media posts, where she expresses her love for researching and acquiring knowledge about various subjects. This thirst for learning contributes to her continuous growth and innovation in the culinary field.

Representing Spirit Word Global Mission

Throughout the cook-a-thon, Chef Dammy is proudly representing Spirit Word Global Mission, a church with which she is affiliated. This association reflects her strong spiritual grounding and the support she receives from her community.

Chasing the 120-Hour Goal

Inspired by Hilda Baci’s achievement, Chef Dammy has set a formidable target of cooking for 120 hours. Her determination to break the record demonstrates her relentless pursuit of excellence and her desire to push the boundaries of culinary accomplishments.

Net Worth

Information regarding Chef Dammy’s net worth is currently unavailable. As a young chef and aspiring record-breaker, her primary focus lies in her culinary endeavors rather than financial gains. However, as her career continues to flourish, her net worth may grow in tandem with her accomplishments.

Chef Damilola Adeparusi Biography, State of Origin, Cookathon, Age, Date of Birth, Education Background, Family, Married
📸 Source: Punch Newspaper – Chef Dammy
Chef Dammy Wikipedia Biodata
Real Name: Damilola Adeparusi
Age: 20’s
Date of Birth: 1990’s
State of Origin: Ekiti State, Nigeria
Education: Federal University of Oye Ekiti (Mass Communication)
Marital Status: Single
Career: Chef, Poet, Songwriter, Editor
Church Representation: Spirit Word Global Mission
Record-breaking Attempt (Cookathon): Cooking for 120 hours (Guinnes World Record)

In Summary

Chef Damilola Adeparusi, also known as Chef Dammy, is a talented Nigerian chef who is determined to make her mark in culinary history.

With her sights set on breaking the Guinness Book of Records for the longest cooking time, she is showcasing her skills and passion for the culinary arts.

Through her dedication, she has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian culinary scene, inspiring others with her talent and pursuit of excellence.

As she continues her cook-a-thon, the nation eagerly watches to see if she can surpass the previous record and etch her name into the annals of culinary achievement.

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