Christopher Wallace Jr Net Worth, Assets, Wealth, Income, Earnings

Christopher Wallace Jr Biography: Christopher Wallace Jr Net Worth, Assets, Wealth, Income, Earnings

Christopher Wallace Jr.’s 2023 Net Worth, Assets, Wealth, Income, and Earnings – Discover Wallace Jr.’s impressive net worth in 2023, including his assets, wealth sources, income, and earnings.


Get insights into the financial success of this American actor.


Christopher Wallace Jr., also known as Lil Biggie Smalls, is a prominent American actor with an impressive net worth of $20 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. His wealth stems from a combination of inheritance from his late father and his successful acting career.

Christopher Wallace Jr Biography

Christopher George “C. J.” Latore Wallace Jr. was born on October 29, 1996, in New York City, United States. He is the son of the renowned American singer Faith Evans and the late rapper Christopher Wallace Sr., famously known as “The Notorious B.I.G.”

Tragically, his father was tragically murdered in March 1997, just five months after Christopher Jr.’s birth. Christopher has three half-siblings on his mother’s side and one half-sister on his father’s side.


Christopher Jr. was born into a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, with both of his parents being involved in the music world.

Although he is an American citizen, his paternal grandparents hailed from Jamaica, and his maternal grandfather had English and some Italian heritage.

His entry into the entertainment industry occurred in 2009 when he landed a role in the biographical film “Notorious.” The following year, he starred in the comedy film “Everything Must Go.” After a brief hiatus, he returned to the big screen in 2016 with a role in the adventure film “Kicks.”

Since then, Christopher Jr. has made just two more film appearances, namely in “Monsters and Men” and “She’s Missing.” He also made a notable television appearance in “Scream: Resurrection.”

Christopher Wallace Jr Net Worth, Assets, Wealth, Income, Earnings
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Christopher Wallace Jr Net Worth, Assets, Wealth, Income, Earnings

Christopher Wallace Jr., the inheritor of his father’s wealth, which comprises properties, historical sites, and automobiles, chooses to keep his annual earnings confidential.

Nevertheless, with an estimated net worth of $20 million, Lil Biggie unquestionably earns a substantial income every year.

In the business realm, Christopher Wallace Jr. is a co-owner of Think BIG, a cannabis enterprise, in partnership with entrepreneur Willie Mack and his stepfather Todd Russaw.

Throughout his acting career, Christopher has established numerous brands, although the precise count of endorsement deals, he has secured remains undisclosed.

When it comes to his charitable activities, there is limited information accessible regarding Christopher Wallace Jr.’s donations to charity or his documented involvement in philanthropic work.



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