Lonnie Johnson Has How Many Children? Meet Lonnie Johnson Children

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Lonnie Johnson Children: Discover the Family of the Super Soaker Inventor – Curious about Lonnie Johnson’s children? Learn about the family of the brilliant mind behind the Super Soaker water gun. From his first marriage to his current family, explore how many children Lonnie Johnson has.

Biography of Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie George Johnson, born on October 6, 1949, in Mobile, Alabama, is an accomplished inventor and engineer known for creating iconic toys and advancing green energy technology.

He holds a BS and MS from Tuskegee University and has been active in his field since 1978. His notable inventions include the Super Soaker and contributions to the Nerf gun.

During his time at NASA from 1979 to 1991, Johnson worked on various significant projects. He played a role in the Air Force missions Lab and was involved in developing nuclear power sources for space missions, such as the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

He also contributed to the Mariner Mark ll Spacecraft series and worked on projects like the stealth bomber program. In 1991, Johnson established his company, Johnson Research and Development Co., Inc., where he currently serves as president.

Collaboration Tulane University and Tuskegee University Scientist

In collaboration with scientists from Tulane University and Tuskegee University, he has worked on transforming heat into electricity for affordable green energy solutions. As of 2022, Lonnie Johnson oversees three technology-focused companies in Atlanta, Georgia: Excellatron Solid State, LLC, Johnson Energy Storage, and Johnson Electro-Mechanical Systems (JEMS).

JEMS created the Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Converter System (JTEC), recognized as a top 10 invention by Popular Mechanics in 2009. Johnson Energy Storage developed a solid-state battery and is in the process of securing funds for a demonstration manufacturing line.

Lonnie Johnson’s impact extends beyond technology. He is part of a small group of African-American inventors contributing significantly to U.S. patent applications. Johnson’s journey with inventions began with the Super Soaker, which he conceived during his U.S. Air Force work.

Originally named the “Power Drencher,” the toy gained immense popularity and earned $200 million in sales in 1991. His innovation journey also includes a legal battle with Hasbro over royalties for the Super Soaker and Nerf toys, resulting in an arbitration award of nearly $73 million in 2013.

Johnson holds an impressive portfolio of over 250 patents, showcasing his remarkable creativity. He has received prestigious awards such as the Air Force Achievement Medal, Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics, and inductions into various halls of fame, including the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2022.

Today, Lonnie Johnson resides in Atlanta’s Ansley Park district with his wife Linda Moore and their four children. His contributions to both playtime and sustainable energy continue to shape industries and inspire future inventors.

Lonnie Johnson Has How Many Children? Meet Lonnie Johnson Children

Lonnie Johnson Has How Many Children? Meet Lonnie Johnson’s Children

Lonnie Johnson, the creator of the Super Soaker water gun, is a father to a total of six children from two different marriages. In his first marriage with William J. Johnson, Lonnie Johnson had five kids: Shirley, Carrie, Freddie, Darlene, and Patricia. From his present marriage with Linda Moore, he has one child. This makes his overall count of children six.

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