Meet Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema’s Wife, Biography, Age, Occupation, Origin, Early Life, Children, Parents

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📸 Source: Footwear News - Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema's Wife

Cora Gauthier is the current wife of Karim Benzema, she is a French model and Instagram influencer, Cora have garnered a significant following of over 83,000 people on Instagram.

With her striking looks and impeccable sense of style, Cora the wife of Karim Benzema primarily collaborates with clothing and shoe brands, captivating the hearts of her fans.

However, what sets her apart is her preference for a low-key public persona, as she happens to be the wife of a well-known professional footballer.

In this article, we’ll delve into Cora Gauthier’s life, exploring her brief biography, age and date of birth, nationality and ethnicity, family background and early life, education background, personal life as a wife and mother, career, net worth, and conclude with some interesting details about her.

Age and Date of Birth

Cora Gauthier was born on April 11, 1989. As of the time of this writing, she is in her early thirties (34 years old), radiating elegance and charm through her work.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Cora Gauthier hails from France, proudly representing her French heritage. While specific details about her ethnicity remain undisclosed, it is apparent that her background reflects a multiracial lineage, adding to her unique appeal.

Family Background and Early Life

While information about Cora Gauthier’s family background is scarce, she was born into a Muslim family. Although details about her parents are not widely available, her upbringing in a Muslim household has likely influenced her life and perspectives.

Meet Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema's Wife, Biography, Age, Occupation, Origin, Early Life, Children, Parents
📸 Source: Footwear News – Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema’s Wife

Education Background

Cora Gauthier completed her education at a local private school, which serves as her educational background. Beyond this, limited information is available about her academic pursuits, as she keeps her personal life private from the mainstream media.

Personal Life: Husband

Cora Gauthier’s personal life took a significant turn when she met her husband, Karim Benzema, in Dubai back in 2015. Their connection grew stronger, leading Cora to move to Madrid to be with him. Both Cora and Karim value privacy, choosing to navigate their lives away from the constant spotlight.


The couple, Cora Gauthier and Karim Benzema has been blessed with two children. Their son, Ibrahim Benzema, was born on May 5, 2017, marking a joyous milestone in their journey together.

Although the name of their daughter is not readily available through public sources, the family cherishes their bond and maintains a happy and fulfilling life together.


Cora Gauthier’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. As a successful model and fashion blogger, she has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and fans alike. Her seductive physique and alluring style have contributed to her success in the industry.

Cora actively collaborates with various clothing and shoe brands, showcasing their products on her social media platforms. Her ability to effortlessly blend beauty, elegance, and fashion has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the world of modeling.

Net Worth

While Cora Gauthier’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, various sources estimate it to range from $2 million to $5 million. Cora’s wealth primarily stems from her successful modeling career and collaborations with renowned clothing and shoe brands.

Cora Gauthier Biography

Cora Gauthier, a renowned model and fashion blogger, rose to prominence through her captivating work in the industry. While she gained recognition for her own achievements, she is also known as the loving wife of Karim Benzema, a prominent player on the France football team.

Cora’s journey in the fashion world has been nothing short of impressive, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Cora Gauthier
Full Name Cora Gauthier
Date of Birth 11 April 1989
Age 34 years old (as of 2023)
Nationality French
Spouse Karim Benzema
Religion Muslim
Profession Model and Fashion Blogger
Children Ibrahim Benzema (born; May 5, 2017)
Net Worth $2 million – $5 million

In Conclusion

Cora Gauthier’s captivating presence in the fashion and modeling industry has made her a well-known name. Despite her preference for a low-key public persona, her influence as an Instagram influencer cannot be ignored.

As the wife of Karim Benzema, she embraces the joys of motherhood while pursuing her successful modeling career. With her unique sense of style and seductive charm, Cora continues to captivate her fans and inspire aspiring models worldwide.

While she keeps her personal life private, her professional achievements and dedication to her craft speak volumes. Cora Gauthier truly exemplifies the essence of a modern-day influencer, making her mark in the ever-evolving world of fashion and leaving a lasting impression on those who admire her work.

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