Glory Emmanuel Edet – The Woman Behind the Commissioner’s Desk

Get to know Glory Emmanuel Edet, a Nigerian princess, and women & child-rights activist. Explore her biography, age, background, family, and her remarkable journey as a Commissioner for the Ministry of Women Affairs.

Glory Emmanuel Edet Biography

Meet Glory Emmanuel Edet, a Nigerian princess and a tireless advocate for women and child rights. Her journey into public service and activism has left an indelible mark on Akwa Ibom state. Let’s delve into her inspiring story.

Age and Date of Birth

Although her exact birthdate is not available, Glory Emmanuel Edet’s life has been defined by her passion for uplifting women and children. Her age is a testament to her enduring commitment to their well-being.

State of Origin and Tribe

Hailing from Akwa Ibom state, Glory proudly represents her heritage. While specific tribal information is not provided, her work and dedication are a testament to her love for her people.

Glory Emmanuel Edet Biography, State of Origin, Tribe, Education Background, Career, HUsband, Children
The Pioneer – God Is So Faithful To Me – Glory Edet

Meet Her Parents: Father and Mother

Details about her parents are not available, but it’s evident that they instilled in her the values of compassion, integrity, and dedication that have defined her career.

Meet Her Siblings: Brother and Sister

Information regarding her siblings is not provided, but her life’s work suggests a deep sense of family and community.

Education Background

Dr. Glory Edet’s educational journey is nothing short of remarkable. She graduated as the Best Student in her class at the University of Uyo, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, during her first-degree program.

After this significant achievement, she continued her academic pursuit at the University of Ibadan, where she earned her M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and later a Ph.D. in Resource and Environmental Economics from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Abia State.

Meet Her Husband and Children

While details about her husband and children are not provided, it’s clear that Dr. Glory Edet’s dedication to her work has been instrumental in shaping her personal life.


Glory Emmanuel Edet’s career has been defined by her unwavering commitment to the welfare of women and children in Akwa Ibom state.

She has served as the Commissioner for the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, a role she has been appointed to twice, first in 2013 and again in 2015 by Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

Her impact has been profound; in 2015, she initiated an empowerment scheme for widows across all 31 local government areas of the state, providing them with start-up funds to launch their own businesses.

This scheme empowered countless women, giving them the means to support themselves and their families.

In addition to her work with widows, Dr. Edet has collaborated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) to support vulnerable children in Akwa-Ibom state.

Her dedication to these causes has made a significant difference in the lives of many.

A former lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Uyo, Dr. Glory Edet’s transition into public service marked a pivotal moment in her career.

Her impact as a mobilizer of women, advocate for the less privileged, and protector of vulnerable members of society has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Net Worth

Specific details about Dr. Glory Edet’s net worth are not available, but her wealth of contributions to society extends far beyond financial gains.

Her true wealth lies in the positive changes she has brought to the lives of countless women and children in Akwa Ibom state.

In Conclusion

Glory Emmanuel Edet’s journey from a dedicated student to a Commissioner for the Ministry of Women Affairs and a passionate advocate for women and children’s rights is an inspiring one.

While certain personal details remain undisclosed, her life’s work is a testament to her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those she serves.

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