Is Bunmi Ajakaiye Married? Who Is Her Husband, Boyfriend

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Bunmi Ajakaiye, a Nigerian filmmaker, has achieved notable success in her career. Her first feature film, “My Wife and I,” made waves at the box office, breaking records within its first week of release.

The movie gained widespread acclaim and became a hit in Nigerian cinemas. Ajakaiye has also made a mark in the world of television with her involvement in the series “Eat Love Heartbreak.”

She not only directed the series but also presented an episode titled “Eat Love Heartbreak Episode 3,” earning praise for her contributions.

In addition to her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Bunmi Ajakaiye has served as a Relationship Manager at Sterling Bank Plc in Abuja. This unique role has allowed her to combine her passion for filmmaking with valuable experience in the banking sector.

Overall, Bunmi Ajakaiye stands out as a talented filmmaker who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian film industry. Her success is a result of both her personal and professional relationships, showcasing her growth and impact in the field of filmmaking.

Is Bunmi Ajakaiye Married? Who Is Her Husband, Boyfriend

Bunmi Ajakaiye is not married. She hasn’t shared details about her relationship status and is currently single, focusing on her career. There is no information available about her having a boyfriend.

In the past, she mentioned being in a positive relationship but had to end it to pursue her filmmaking passion. She acknowledged the difficulty of breaking someone’s heart but was determined to follow her dreams.

Get to Know Bunmi Ajakaiye

Bunmi Ajakaiye, born in the 1990s in Lagos State, is a writer and economist with a net worth of $100,000. Despite initially pursuing a banking career after obtaining a degree in Economics, she took a leap of faith into the world of filmmaking, showcasing skills in screenwriting and video editing.

Her debut film, “My Wife & I,” featuring stars like Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli, was set to release in the Nigerian Film Industry in August 2017.

Bunmi, a proficient editor and voice-over specialist, faced challenges securing her parents’ approval to leave Australia for Nigeria. She tactfully convinced them by citing her National Youth Service Corps assignment.

Tragically, her mentor Amaka Igwe passed away in 2014 due to an asthma incident. Despite this setback, Bunmi, offered her first script supervision job by Producer Uduak Isong, excelled in the role.

Currently unmarried, Bunmi Ajakaiye maintains privacy about her relationship status, focusing on her career as a popular Nigerian actress, producer, and writer.

Crafting her narrative with simplicity and clarity, Bunmi Ajakaiye exemplifies a multifaceted talent in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Is Bunmi Ajakaiye Married? Who Is Her Husband, Boyfriend

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