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Check out the marriages and relationship chapters of Jim Belushi, as we delve into the lives of his wife, ex-wife, children, and spouses. Explore the intricacies of his relationships and marriages, painting a vivid picture of the remarkable connections that have shaped his world.

Join us on this enthralling expedition, unraveling the untold stories that lie behind the curtain of Jim Belushi’s captivating love life. Prepare to be spellbound by the intriguing tales of romance, family, and companionship that have molded the life of this iconic entertainer.


Jim Belushi had a well-known and highly publicized feud with his neighbor, actress Julie Newmar. The dispute arose when Belushi attempted to build a second house on his property, which Newmar claimed violated the regulations of their R-1 neighborhood.

According to the rules, only one house per lot was allowed. As a result, Belushi took legal action against Newmar, filing a lawsuit seeking $4 million in damages. He accused her of harassment and defamation, as well as destroying his fence, although Newmar denied these claims.

However, the feud eventually reached a resolution in 2006 when Belushi invited Newmar to appear as a guest star on an episode of his television show, “According to Jim.” Together, they humorously satirized their conflict, bringing an end to the animosity between them.

Belushi’s Personal Endeavors and Advocacy

Jim Belushi has a deep appreciation for his Albanian heritage, and in 2008, he received the distinguished honor of Albanian citizenship and the prestigious “Honor of the Nation” Decoration from President Bamir Topi.

This recognition holds great significance for Belushi, reflecting his strong connection to his Albanian roots. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, Belushi embarked on a visit to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in 2010.

This pilgrimage allowed him to strengthen his religious ties and deepen his spiritual journey. In addition to his cultural and religious affiliations, Belushi is a passionate supporter of various Chicago sports teams.

Throughout his life, he has demonstrated unwavering loyalty and devotion to teams such as the Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and Fire. Belushi’s enthusiastic support for these sports teams reflects his love for Chicago and its rich sports culture.

Belushi’s Health Issues and Advocacy Efforts

In 2011, Jim Belushi openly shared his personal struggle with gout, a painful condition, and took on the role of spokesperson for Savient Pharmaceuticals’ educational campaign called “Check Out Your Gout.” Through this campaign, Belushi aimed to raise awareness about gout and its impact on individuals.

His firsthand experiences and advocacy helped shed light on this often-misunderstood condition. Additionally, Belushi made an appearance on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine, where he discussed his interests and passions.

The publication provided him with a platform to share his thoughts and connect with fellow enthusiasts. During his time working on the set of “According to Jim,” Belushi faced health challenges, experiencing frequent episodes of diarrhea.

This led to a lighthearted nickname among his castmates and crew who affectionately called him “Jim Bel-loosey.” Later, Belushi received a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which prompted him to become an advocate for the condition. By raising awareness and sharing his own journey, he aimed to support others who were also dealing with IBS.

Belushi’s Political Involvement and Community Engagement

In 2012, Jim Belushi publicly endorsed the re-election campaign of Democratic President Barack Obama. During an interview with Fox News, Belushi expressed his support, highlighting his personal interactions with the President and his confidence in his leadership.

Being a fellow Chicagoan also influenced his decision to endorse Obama. In 2015, Belushi constructed a retreat home in Eagle Point, Oregon, which has expanded over time to encompass an impressive 93 acres (38 hectares) of land.

He has devoted himself to cultivating cannabis on his Oregon property. Additionally, Belushi actively engages in fundraising initiatives for various projects in Southern Oregon.

Some of these endeavors include the reconstruction of the Butte Creek Mill and the restoration of the Holly Theatre in Medford. While his primary residence is in Los Angeles, Belushi spends a portion of the year in Oregon. In 2018, he had plans to establish a temporary cannabis dispensary in downtown Portland.

Meet Jim Belushi's Wife, Ex-Wife, Children, Partners, Spouse, Marriages, Relationship
📸 Photo: – Jim Belushi with His Family

Marriages | Relationships

Jim Belushi, a well-known actor, has experienced three marriages in his lifetime. His first marriage occurred on May 17, 1980, when he exchanged vows with Sandra Davenport. They welcomed their son, Robert James, into their lives on October 23, 1980.

Unfortunately, Belushi and Davenport’s marriage came to an end in 1988. After his first divorce, Belushi found love once again and entered into a marriage with actress Marjorie Bransfield in 1990.

However, their union was relatively short-lived, as they parted ways in 1992. Nevertheless, Belushi’s journey led him to Jennifer Sloan, whom he married on May 2, 1998. Together, they are blessed with a daughter and a son, forming a beautiful family.

Jim Belushi’s Current Wife

Jennifer Sloan, the former wife of actor Jim Belushi, was married to him for more than 23 years. They tied the knot in May 1998 and have two children together: a daughter named Jamison and a son named Jared. Sloan worked in Hollywood as a casting assistant and assistant voice director.

Their relationship had its share of ups and downs. In March 2018, Jennifer Sloan filed for divorce from Jim Belushi, citing irreconcilable differences. She also requested spousal support in her initial filing. However, they later reconciled and made the mutual decision to dismiss the divorce case, attempting to salvage their marriage.

Unfortunately, their reconciliation didn’t last. In August 2021, Jim Belushi initiated another divorce filing, officially bringing an end to their long-standing union. Despite their lengthy history together, the couple ultimately chose to go their separate ways.

Jim Belushi’s Ex-Wifes

Sandra Davenport

Jim Belushi and Sandra Davenport were married for a duration of 8 years, spanning from 1980 to 1988. Before their wedding in May 1980, they had been in a relationship for approximately one year. However, the specific details of their initial encounter remain undisclosed.

Sandra Davenport holds the distinction of being Jim Belushi’s first spouse, and the couple had a son named Robert during their marriage. Unfortunately, their relationship encountered challenges, leading them to pursue a divorce in 1988.

The divorce proceedings reached their conclusion on October 10, 1988, formally signifying the end of their marital bond. Following their separation, Jim Belushi went on to marry Marjorie Bransfield in 1990 and Jennifer Sloan in 1998.

Marjorie Bransfield

Jim Belushi and Marjorie Bransfield were married for approximately one and a half years, starting from September 22, 1990, until April 1, 1992. Before their wedding in April 1990, they were romantically involved for about two years.

Marjorie Bransfield, a former American actress, shared the screen with Jim Belushi in six films, notably starring alongside him in “Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe.”

She also had a minor role in an episode of the television series “Murder One” in 1996. Following their divorce, Jim Belushi went on to marry Jennifer Sloan in 1998.

Jim Belushi Children

Jim Belushi is the proud father of three children: Robert Belushi, Jared James Belushi, and Jamison Bess Belushi. Robert, born on October 23, 1980, is Jim Belushi’s first son from his marriage to Sandra Davenport.

He has pursued a career in acting and television anchoring. Jamison Bess Belushi, Jim Belushi’s daughter, has also followed her father’s footsteps and is actively involved in the entertainment industry. Both Robert and Jamison have embraced their passion for performing arts.

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