Nigerian Men: Check Out The Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Girlfriend and Crush

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How to Keep a Conversation Going with Your Crush and Girlfriend

When facing your crush, the fear of forgetting what to say can lead to awkward silences. This guide will help you navigate that “oh god, what should I say now?” moment and ensure engaging conversations that keep your crush interested.

Showing Genuine Interest

To capture her attention, express genuine attraction and a desire to discover more about her. Start with topics that allow her to talk about herself, such as her interests, school, or family.

Building on Common Interests

If you share common ground, like being in the same program or venue, leverage it. Discuss mutual interests, such as music preferences or hobbies, to keep the conversation flowing seamlessly.

Asking Questions

Ask open-ended questions to avoid turning the conversation into a job interview. Let the dialogue evolve naturally, with questions leading to reciprocal sharing.

Exploring Life Stories

Delve into life stories but avoid pushing for personal information. Share something about yourself to initiate a deeper conversation and give her time to build trust.

Noticing and Complimenting

Comment on what you notice about her, whether it’s her personality traits or interests. Be prepared for her to reciprocate and share her thoughts about you.

Discussing Relationships

While not an immediate topic, if the conversation naturally leads to relationships, explore it. Learn about her past experiences and understand her perspective on relationships.

Utilizing Surroundings

If you meet at a social event, use the environment as conversation starters. Discuss mutual friends, people-watch together, or share observations, fostering connection without constant talking.

Talking about Travel

Discuss travel experiences, dreams, and preferences. Understanding her perspective on the world can provide insight and create memorable conversations.

Unveiling Passions

Explore her passions and dreams. Asking about what truly makes her happy can lead to passionate and enjoyable discussions.

Exploring Sexual Experiences (Caution)

Approach this topic cautiously, only if there’s mutual interest. Gauge her comfort level and adjust the conversation accordingly.

Discussing Hobbies

Everyone has hobbies. Learn about hers and discover shared interests that could potentially lead to shared activities.

Movies and Music Preferences

Movies and music can reveal a lot about a person. Discuss favorites to find common ground and enhance connection.

Nostalgic Conversations

Take a trip down memory lane to learn about her childhood, family structure, and early experiences that shaped her.

In Conclusion

With these conversation topics in mind, approach your crush confidently. If she doesn’t respond positively, don’t be discouraged. Move on and invest your time where the conversation flows naturally.

Check Out The Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Girlfriend and Crush

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