Mia Gradney Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents, Background, Nationality, Ethnicity

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Meet Mia Gradney, who is married to Troy Clendenin on November 10, 2001, in 101 County, Texas. Mia Gradney is an accomplished journalist who has made a name for herself in her field.

From her early days in Houston to her job as a news anchor now, Mia has shown that she is committed to giving the public accurate and useful news. Let’s read more about her full Biography and net worth below.

Mia Gradney Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents, Background, Nationality, Ethnicity

Mia Gradney Biography

Mia Gradney is an American journalist, producer, and news anchor known for her work at KHOU 11 News in Houston, Texas. She was born in the year, 1976, in Houston, Texas, USA. Mia Gradney has won three Emmy Awards for her journalism work.

She is 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters) tall. During her 20-year career, she has reported on a wide range of things, from natural disasters to red carpet events in Hollywood and sports championships.

Age | Ethnicity | Nationality

Mia Gradney is an African-American journalist and news anchor born on June 17, 1976, in Houston, Texas, USA. ((factsbio.com)) She turned 47 years old on June 17, 2022, and is a native of Houston, Texas.

Education Background

Mia Gradney earned her degree in Radio/Television with a specialty track in broadcast news from Sam Houston State University.

In 2016, the university inducted her into its Distinguished Alumni Society, and she is also a past inductee into the school’s Dan Rather Hall of Fame.

Mia Gradney Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents

Parents | Father | Mother

Mia Gradney has not shared any information about her parents, including their names or professions. She grew up in Houston, Texas, USA, with her two older brothers. ((marriedceleb.com))

Net Worth

Mia Gradney’s estimated net worth is between $300,000 to $700,000, according to different sources. ((biographytribune.com)) ((popularnetworth.com)) Her source of income comes from her career as a journalist and news anchor.

Children | Husband

Mia Gradney, the journalist and news anchor, is married to Troy C. Clendenin, her high school sweetheart. They have a daughter named Avery who was born in 2007, ((factsbuddy.com)) but there is no information about any other children. They got married on November 10, 2001, in Harris County, Texas. ((whoiswriter.com))


Mia Gradney started her career behind the scenes as a writer and production assistant in Houston before transitioning to on-air talent with career stops in Victoria and Beaumont.

She anchored and reported for over a decade at Houston’s CW 39 before joining KHOU 11 News. Mia is known for her breaking news/continuous coverage and special events reporting, with a focus on women empowerment/job readiness, health & wellness, and sports entertainment.

Mia Gradney Biography and Net Worth

Awards | Honors

Mia Gradney’s exceptional reporting skills have earned her several accolades. She has won Lone Star Emmy Awards for two half-hour magazine special programs, an environmental series, and special events coverage.

Mia has also received nominations for a special medical report and a half-hour employment special. Additionally, she is a recipient of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital’s Karen Harrison Service Award for her work and dedication to pediatric cancer awareness and education.

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