Okiki Dft Biography and Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name, Age, State, Tribe

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Okiki dft’s real name is indeed Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope, yet he goes by the stage name Okiki dft. He is one of the musicians that is now commanding the majority of the attention in the Nigerian entertainment business.

Okiki Dft is known for his humorous drawings on Instagram and is considered an internet influencer. His handle on social media includes the letters “Dft,” which is a reference to his full name. However, there may be some missing information regarding his biography and net worth.

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Real Name: Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope
Date Of Birth: May 24, 1997
Age: 26 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin: Lagos State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Actor – Comedian
Net Worth: $15k ((afrokonnect.ng))
Place Of Birth: Lagos, State Nigeria

Okiki Dft Biography

Okiki Dft is a talented Nigerian artist who goes by the name Okiki. His full name is Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope, but his mother often calls him Okiki. He is involved in the entertainment industry as a comedian, actor, and content developer.

Okiki Dft Biography and Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Real Name, Age, State, Tribe

Age | State of Origin

Okiki Dft, also known as Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope, is a 24-year-old Nigerian multi-talented artist. He is a comedian, actor, content developer, and internet influencer who hails from Lagos State.

Real Name

His nickname is Okiki, his full name (Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope) includes the letters “Dft.” He is known for sharing humorous drawings on Instagram and is part of a group of influencers that includes Sydney Talker, Lord Lamba, and Nasty Blaq.

Okiki Dft Biography and Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend

Girlfriend | Wife

Information regarding Okiki Dft’s relationship status is not available to the public at the moment. The article suggests checking back in the future for any updates on his private life.

Family | Parents

Okiki Dft has not shared any information about his family members including his parents or siblings publicly. However, we will update our readers as soon as we gather more information about his family background.

Net Worth

He estimated to be worth more or less than, $15k.

Okiki Dft Biography and Net Worth


Okiki dft is a Nigerian comedian and content creator who rose to fame by sharing comedy sketches on social media platforms like Instagram.

He works alongside fellow comedians Sydney Talker, Nasty Blaq, and Lord Lamba, and uses all available social media platforms to engage with his audience.

He also creates his own graphic ideas for his sketches. If you have any additional information about Okiki dft, you can reach out to the author through the comment section or email.

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