Olumide Akpata Biography: A Legal Luminary’s Journey – In this biography, we delve into the life and career of Olumide Akpata, a distinguished Nigerian legal practitioner and politician.

From his early life to his remarkable achievements in the legal field and his recent foray into politics, we’ll explore the fascinating journey of this remarkable individual.

Olumide Akpata Biography

Olumide Akpata, born on October 7, 1972, in Edo State, Nigeria, is a prominent figure in Nigerian law and politics. He is known for breaking barriers in the legal field and serving as the President of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Age and Date of Birth

Olumide Akpata, currently 50 years old, was born on October 7, 1972, in Edo State, Nigeria.

State of Origin and Tribe

Hailing from Edo State, Olumide Akpata is of Nigerian descent, deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of his tribe.

Meet His Parents: Father and Mother

We couldn’t find any information about his parents during our findings, it is evident that his parents played a pivotal role in shaping his path to success.

Meet His Siblings: Brother and Sister

Information regarding Olumide Akpata’s siblings is not widely known. His journey to prominence has often been a personal one.

Education Background

Akpata’s educational journey led him to the University of Benin in Edo State, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in law in 1992. Subsequently, he was called to the bar in 1993. He also dedicated time to serving his country during the National Youth Service Corps in Kano State.


Olumide Akpata’s legal career began under the mentorship of Dr. Mudiaga Odje, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, OFR, known for his exceptional litigation skills. Akpata’s move to Lagos in 1996 marked a turning point, where he joined forces with his cousin to establish the law firm Templars.

This firm, founded when he was just 23 years old, has since grown into one of Nigeria’s largest law firms. Under Akpata’s leadership, Templars now boasts a team of around 100 lawyers, including two Senior Advocates of Nigeria, excelling in various aspects of Nigerian law.

His contributions to groundbreaking transactions have significantly impacted commercial law practice in Nigeria and the country’s economy. Akpata’s leadership extended to his role as chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL).

On July 30, 2020, Olumide Akpata achieved a historic milestone by becoming the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, breaking a 28-year tradition of Senior Advocates of Nigeria holding this position. His election victory, with 9,891 votes out of 18,256 cast, showcased his widespread support within the legal community.


In a pivotal moment on August 1st, 2023, Olumide Akpata ventured into the political arena by joining the Labour Party (Nigeria). This bold move underscored his commitment to public service and marked a new chapter in his journey toward improving society.

As a member of the Labour Party, Akpata brings fresh perspectives and ideas to the forefront, aiming to influence policy decisions and advocate for causes aligned with the party’s values. His entry into politics signals a more diverse and inclusive dialogue on national matters.

Olumide Akpata Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, State of Origin, Parents, Education Background, Education
📸 Photo source: Intel Region – JUST IN: Former NBA chairman Olumide Akpata officially joins APC

Meet His Wife and Children

Olumide Akpata’s personal life is enriched by his marriage to Osayamon Michelle, a fellow lawyer. Their union was celebrated in a traditional wedding ceremony in May 2022.

While details about their family life, including whether they have children, are not widely available, it’s evident that Akpata’s dedication extends to his personal life.

Net Worth

Specific figures regarding Olumide Akpata’s net worth are not readily available. However, his successful legal career and leadership positions in prominent organizations signify his substantial contributions to both the legal and political spheres in Nigeria.

In Conclusion

In this comprehensive biography, we’ve explored the life and accomplishments of Olumide Akpata.

From his humble beginnings in Edo State to his groundbreaking achievements in law and his entry into Nigerian politics, Akpata’s journey is one of determination and dedication, leaving an indelible mark on the legal and political landscape of Nigeria.

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