Piesie Esther Biography, Net Worth, Age, Region, Tribe, Married, Husband, Parents

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Discover the inspiring journey of Piesie Esther, the renowned Ghanaian gospel musician. Explore her impactful music career, awards, and her dedication to drawing people closer to God.

Learn about her achievements, family, and business ventures. Read on to uncover the story of Piesie Esther and her profound musical legacy.

Piesie Esther Biography

Piesie Esther, known as Mrs. Esther Asiedu, is a celebrated Ghanaian gospel musician whose powerful songs have earned her multiple accolades. Born into a family deeply involved in church activities, she inherited a strong musical inclination.

Her remarkable talent was noticed by Georgia Adjei in Kumasi, marking the beginning of her musical journey. However, it was her association with the Great Light Worship Center in Accra, led by Rev Asamoah Boateng (Apae Live), that truly propelled her career forward.

Age and Date of Birth

Piesie Esther’s age and date of birth remain undisclosed, preserving an air of mystery around the artist’s personal life.

Height and Weight

Details regarding Piesie Esther’s height and weight are not publicly available.

Nationality | Race or Ethnicity

Piesie Esther proudly identifies as Ghanaian, and while her race or ethnicity is not explicitly mentioned, her Ghanaian heritage is a core aspect of her identity.


Deeply rooted in her faith, Piesie Esther’s gospel music reflects her strong commitment to Christianity and her desire to foster a deeper connection between people and God.

Education Background

Specifics about Piesie Esther’s education background are not provided in available information.

Meet Her Husband and Children

Details about Piesie Esther’s marital status, husband, and children are not included in the provided content.

Piesie Esther Biography, Net Worth, Age, Region, Tribe, Married, Husband, Parents

Meet Her Parents, Meet Her Siblings

Although information about Piesie Esther’s parents and siblings is not featured, her upbringing in a family of singers who took their church activities seriously played a pivotal role in shaping her musical journey.

Net Worth

While Piesie Esther’s net worth is not disclosed, her successful music career, numerous live band performances, and business ventures contribute to her financial prosperity.


Piesie Esther’s career milestones are noteworthy. Her debut album, “Apae Ama Me,” garnered national attention in 2002, setting the stage for her subsequent successes.

Her album “Me Nte Ase” in 2008 brought nominations at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards, boosting her recognition.

Piesie Esther’s dedication to inspiring worship through music has taken her across the globe, ministering in various countries including the USA, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Holland, and Germany.

Beyond her musical contributions, Piesie Esther’s live band performances are admired by many, and she is recognized as a role model.

Social Media

Stay connected with Piesie Esther and her ministry through social media:

  • Facebook: Piesie Esther Ministries
  • TikTok: @piesieestherofficial
  • Instagram: @piesieesther

Contacts For Bookings

Contact Piesie Esther for bookings and inquiries:

In Conclusion

Piesie Esther’s journey as a Ghanaian gospel musician, her devotion to creating impactful worship experiences, and her multi-faceted endeavors make her a prominent figure in both the music industry and the spiritual realm.

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