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Exploring Rik Mayall’s Family: Wife, Children, Grandchildren, and Biography

Delve into the life of comedy legend Rik Mayall, from his loving family to his remarkable career. Discover Rik Mayall’s wife, children, grandchildren, and a detailed biography in this engaging read.

Who Was Rik Mayall?

Rik Mayall, a comedian of immense influence, is remembered for his distinctive comedic style and irreverent humor. His groundbreaking work continues to inspire and amuse audiences even today, leaving an enduring legacy.

Rik Mayall Biography

Rik Mayall, born on March 7, 1958, in Matching Tye, Essex, England, was a prominent figure in English comedy, acting, and writing. His full name was Richard Michael Mayall, and he came from a family of drama teachers, John and Gillian Mayall.

Rik had three siblings: Anthony, Kate, and Libby Mayall. He pursued his education at the University of Manchester, but his journey into the world of comedy began long before that.

Growing up in Matching Tye, a village near Harlow in Essex, Rik was exposed to acting and comedy from a young age due to his family’s background in drama. He attended King’s School in Worcester and further developed his acting skills at the University of Manchester.

Rik Mayall’s early career in comedy started with the 20th Century Coyote comedy troupe, which included Ade Edmondson, Nigel Planer, and Peter Richardson.

They performed at various London venues, notably the Comedy Store, and later laid the foundation for the popular TV series “The Comic Strip Presents…” In the 1980s, Rik Mayall made a significant impact on the UK comedy scene and became one of the pioneers of alternative comedy.

His comedic style was characterized by boundless energy and a love for chaos. Physical humor and slapstick were his trademarks. He appeared in numerous television shows and films, including memorable roles in “The Young Ones,” “Blackadder,” “Bottom,” and “Drop Dead Fred.”

Additionally, he played a role in creating and co-writing several TV shows and films, such as “The Young Ones” and “Bottom.” Tragically, Rik Mayall passed away at the age of 56 on June 9, 2014, due to a heart attack. His legacy in the world of comedy and entertainment remains enduring.

Rik Mayall Wife, Children and Grandchildren

Meet Rik Mayall Family: Rik Mayall Wife, Children and Grandchildren

Rik Mayall, also known as Richard Michael Mayall, married Scottish makeup artist Barbara Robbin in 1985. They had three children together: Bonnie, Rosie, and Sidney.

Sidney Mayall, one of their children, pursued acting and gained recognition for his work in “The Comic Strip Presents.”

Rik Mayall and Barbara Robbin remained married until Rik’s passing in 2014. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about Rik Mayall’s grandchildren during our findings.


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