Nigerian Women: Romantic Yoruba Names to Call Your Boyfriend or Husband

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In the realm of love, we often find ourselves doing and saying things that might seem a bit silly or cheesy. When you’re truly in love, the opinions of others don’t matter, and even the teasing from friends becomes insignificant in the light of the sparkle in your partner’s eyes.

Instead of opting for the usual endearments like “my love” or “bae,” some couples choose more creative and unique names such as “my jewel” or “my bed of roses.” In this post, I’ll share some charming Yoruba names you can use to affectionately address your boyfriend.

There’s a special charm when you call your loved one by a unique name in a local dialect—it becomes a shared secret, especially among friends who don’t understand the language. The idea of having a special name creates a sense of fascination that may even inspire your friends to try it out with their partners.

Embrace the warmth and uniqueness that comes with expressing your love in a language that holds sentimental value to both of you. It’s these little nuances that make your relationship truly special, creating a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

Feel free to explore the richness of Yoruba endearments and add a touch of cultural sweetness to your relationship. Your love story is uniquely yours, so why not celebrate it with names that reflect the depth of your affection?

Romantic Yoruba Names to Call Your Boyfriend or Husband

Iyo Aye MiSalt of My Life
Ayanmo MiMy Soul Mate
Eni Bi Okan MiThe One After My Own Heart
Okan MiMy Heart
AdemiMy Crown
OlamiMy Wealth
Ayanfe MiMy Chosen Love
Adumadan MiMy Black and Shine
IdunnumiMy Happiness
OnitemiMy only Or the One for Me
Romantic Yoruba Names to Call Your Boyfriend Or Husband

Onitemi – My only Or the One for Me

Onitemi, a charming name for your boyfriend, translates to “my only or the one for me.” This endearing term holds the power to soothe your partner, even in moments of anger. Calling your loved one Onitemi communicates your choice of them above all others, creating a special connection anytime, anywhere.

Idunnumi – My Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness, Idunnumi, meaning “my happiness,” encapsulates the desire to radiate joy into the lives of others. Imagine being the reason behind someone’s smile, a sentiment that’s both heartwarming and cute.

Adumadan Mi – My Black and Shine

Celebrating your boyfriend’s black and shiny skin, Adumadan mi expresses admiration for his natural skin color. By using this term, you not only boost his confidence but also proclaim your pride in his unique and beautiful skin.

Ayanfe Mi – My Chosen Love

Ayanfe mi, translating to “my chosen love,” is a profoundly romantic term. It signifies a commitment that goes beyond external qualities, declaring your partner as the one you want to spend your life with, regardless of any other attributes.

Olami – My Wealth

Olami, meaning “my wealth,” goes beyond material riches. It reflects an understanding that true wealth lies in your partner. By using this term, you convey the message that as long as you have your loved one, you feel genuinely rich.

Ademi – My Crown

In the metaphorical sense, Ademi, or “my crown,” denotes that your partner is the reason for your royalty. This affectionate term emphasizes their importance in your life.

Okan Mi – My Heart

Expressing deep affection, Okan mi means “my heart.” This endearing term unequivocally declares that your partner holds a special place in your heart.

Eni Bi Okan Mi – the One After My Own Heart

Even more sentimental than “my heart,” Eni bi okan mi translates to “the one after my own heart.” This phrase intensifies the emotional connection, emphasizing the special bond you share.

Ayanmo Mi – My Soul Mate

Ayanmo mi, or “my soul mate,” acknowledges the rarity of finding a true life companion. Using this term communicates the depth of connection and fortune in finding someone so special.

Iyo Aye Mi – Salt of My Life

A winning term, Iyo aye mi means “salt of my life.” It signifies finding a partner who brings meaning to your existence. Express your gratitude by using this term instead of the conventional “my love.”

Nigerian Women: Romantic Yoruba Names to Call Your Boyfriend or Husband

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