Sterling Bank Call for Application: Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Programme 2024

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The Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2024 offers a pathway for individuals to embark on an exciting career at Sterling Bank.

It welcomes those with a bachelor’s degree, scoring a minimum of 2:2, and having completed the NYSC. The application process typically involves online submission, assessment tests, virtual interviews, and ultimately, an internship offer.

This program aims to foster creativity, innovation, and passion, creating a supportive environment for the next generation of talent. If you’re keen on launching your career, this program presents an excellent opportunity.

Introduction to Sterling Bank Plc

Sterling Bank Plc, often referred to as “Your One-Customer Bank,” stands as a formidable full-service commercial bank making significant strides in Nigeria’s financial landscape.

This CBN-licensed institution has evolved from its roots as the nation’s leading investment banking institution, previously known as NAL Bank, into a fully-fledged commercial powerhouse.

Evolution and Mergers

Over the years, Sterling Bank has not only maintained its financial prowess but has also undergone strategic mergers with four other banks, solidifying its position as a key player in the Nigerian banking sector.

The Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Program 2024


Sterling Bank beckons aspiring professionals with the announcement of the Graduate Trainee Program 2024.

This initiative stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and the transformation of dreams into reality.

Gateway to an Exciting Career

The Graduate Trainee Program serves as a gateway for individuals ready to embark on an exciting career journey at Sterling Bank.

It provides a unique opportunity for talented individuals, offering a platform to showcase leadership potential and explore a world of career-enhancing possibilities.

Embracing Diversity

Sterling Bank emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity. The program welcomes qualified individuals from various backgrounds, including different genders, abilities, and cultural affiliations.

Job Description for the Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Programme 2024

Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

Sterling Bank’s ethos revolves around encouraging and celebrating creativity and innovation.

The Graduate Trainee Program aligns with this philosophy, providing participants with an environment where they can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Turning Dreams into Reality

The program is designed to transform dreams into reality, offering participants a chance to live out their passion and demonstrate leadership potential.

Sterling Bank is dedicated to creating an enabling environment for participants to excel in their careers.

Qualifications and Requirements

Equal Opportunity Employer

Sterling Bank reaffirms its commitment to being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The selection and employment practices are devoid of discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, nationality, political affiliation, marital status, or disability.

Application Process

Candidates interested in the Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Programme 2024 must meet specific criteria to be shortlisted and contacted.

The bank encourages applicants to submit their applications via the provided medium within the stipulated application period, explicitly stating that applications sent via email will not be accepted.

Apply Here!!


Applicants are advised to adhere to the application deadline, as multiple applications may lead to disqualification.

Sterling Bank values diversity and welcomes qualified individuals with disabilities, as well as those with diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds.

Deadline for Application: Not Specified


In conclusion, Sterling Bank Plc’s Graduate Trainee Program 2024 stands as a beacon for aspiring professionals seeking a transformative career journey.

The bank’s commitment to diversity, innovation, and the realization of dreams makes it a standout choice for those ready to make an impact.

Sterling Bank Call for Application: Sterling Bank Graduate Trainee Programme 2024

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