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Discover the personal life of Sharon Stone, including her ex-husbands, ex-partners, and current husband or partner. Get insights into her relationships and marriages.

Biography Overview

Sharon Stone, an American actress and former model, was born on March 10, 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. With a career spanning from 1976 to the present, Sharon Stone has appeared in numerous films and gained recognition for her roles.


In 1993, Stone starred in the controversial erotic thriller “Sliver,” which garnered commercial success despite negative reviews. She also made a cameo appearance in the action film “Last Action Hero” the same year.

In 1994, Stone appeared in the drama “Intersection” and the action thriller “The Specialist,” both receiving mixed reviews. She won Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actress for her performances in both films.

Stone took on the role of a gunfighter seeking revenge in the 1995 film “The Quick and the Dead,” where she also served as a producer. She starred alongside Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s crime drama “Casino” and earned critical acclaim, winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

Throughout the late 1990s, Stone appeared in various films, including “Diabolique,” “Last Dance,” and “Sphere,” which received negative reviews. She voiced a character in the animated film “Antz” and portrayed a mother in the drama “The Mighty,” earning a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In 1999, Stone starred in the misfire “Gloria” and the comedy “The Muse.” While the latter received lukewarm reviews, Stone received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. Sharon Stone’s career has seen both critical acclaim and commercial success, with notable roles in a range of genres.

Sharon Stone Ex-Husbands, Ex-Partners, Boyfriend
📸 Photo: Go Espana – Sharon Stone Ex-Husbands, Ex-Partners

Ex-Husbands, Ex-Partners

Sharon Stone has had a total of two marriages and two known partners in her personal life. Her first marriage was to Michael Greenburg, which took place from 1984 to 1990.

After that, she entered into a marriage with Phil Bronstein, who was the executive editor of The San Francisco Examiner and later the San Francisco Chronicle. Their marriage began in 1998 but ended in divorce in 2004.

Alongside her marriages, Stone was also involved in a relationship with William MacDonald from 1992 to 1994 and Bob Wagner from 1994 to 1995. These are the significant relationships that have been publicly known in Sharon Stone’s life.

Meet Her First Ex-Husband, Michael Greenburg

Sharon Stone was previously married to Michael Greenburg, whom she met while filming the TV movie “The Vegas Strip War.” However, their marriage lasted only three years, and not much information is available about their relationship or the reason for their divorce.

Meet Her Ex-Husband, Phil Bronstein

In 1998, Stone married Phil Bronstein, a newspaper editor. They adopted their son Roan in 2000 due to Stone’s inability to have biological children. Unfortunately, their marriage began to deteriorate, leading to their divorce in 2003.

The divorce was finalized the following year, and both Stone and Bronstein sought sole custody of their son. Bronstein was ultimately granted primary custody, and Stone has spoken publicly about how her role in the movie “Basic Instinct” played a role in the custody decision.

Meet Her Ex-Partner, William MacDonald

Stone had a brief relationship with William J. MacDonald, whom she met on the set of the film “Sliver.” They were engaged but separated after a year. Stone has clarified that their interaction was limited to phone conversations.

Meet Her Last Ex-Partner, Bob Wagner

She also dated Bob Wagner, a first assistant director, after meeting him during the filming of “The Quick and The Dead.” They got engaged but broke up after a year.

Limited information is available about their relationship or the reason for their separation, but Stone has faced criticism regarding Wagner’s previous marriage. These are some of the relationships and marriages that Sharon Stone has had throughout her life and career.

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